Smithfield Receives Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant

The Smithfield Town Council has approved adding 5 new electric vehicle charging stations at public locations like this one at the Operations Center on Hospital Road.

A settlement between Duke Energy and the EPA has required the electric company to fund the placement of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in many of the states they serve, including North Carolina.

The Town of Smithfield will benefit from the $1.5 million program. Duke Energy will pay 100 percent of the cost of 5 public charging stations in Town. Each one will cost $5,000.  No local funds will be required.

Smithfield officials had applied for funding for 10 stations last August. They learned this month they had been approved for 5 of the 10 they had requested.

Public Utility Director Ted Credle said the Town currently has one EV charging station at the Operations Center. Since its installation two years ago it has operated maintenance free.

Credle said once installed the Town will likely charge a nominal fee for EV owners to recharge their vehicles. Credle said the cost would be around $2 for a one hour charge.

Mayor Pro Tem Emery Ashley welcomed the 5 charging stations saying it would encourage alternative energy vehicles.

The EV stations will be located in the parking lot at Johnston Medical Center at 509 North Brightleaf Boulevard; Johnston Community College at 245 College Road; Town Hall at 350 E Market Street; Johnston County Courthouse at 207 E Johnston Street, and the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatics Center at 600 Booker Dairy Road.