State Highway Patrol Swears-In 28th Commander

RALEIGH – The State Highway Patrol held a swearing-in ceremony today for Colonel Freddy L. Johnson, Jr., the 28th commander in the agencies 92-year history. The celebration was held at the North Carolina State Capitol Building in Raleigh and was attended by honored guests including Governor Roy Cooper and Department of Public Safety Secretary Erik Hooks.

Col. Johnson was administered his oath of office by the Honorable James F. Ammons, Jr., Senior Resident Superior Court Judge for the 12th Judicial District. Col. Johnson provided remarks to attendees and spoke of the important task at hand with his new appointment.

“I believe there is no better time to undertake this challenge of leading a law enforcement agency, we have an opportunity to help build trust and provide a greater level of accountability all while continuing to showcase the noble work law enforcement officers accomplish every day,” said Col. Johnson. “My approach to accomplishing this will be by building our communities up one interaction at a time. Each time we encounter a member of our community we have the opportunity to build trust, confidence and in turn help to recruit future quality law enforcement officers.”

Col. Johnson officially assumed the role of commander of the State Highway Patrol in April after being appointed to the position by Gov. Roy Cooper. He leads more than 2,100 women and men of the State Highway Patrol who share a primary mission to reduce collisions and make the highways of North Carolina as safe as possible.


  1. 28th commander in the agencies 92-year history and not one of them was black. The state of North Carolina, Trump, his supporters and Fox News should be very proud smh……

    • Truth please check your facts! Col. Glen McNeill is the 27th Commander of North Carolina State Highway Patrol. The 46-year-old husband and father is the second black man to hold the agency’s highest office, which goes back 88 years. The first was Colonel Richard Holden serving from 1999-2004.

    • Don’t suppose it could be because he is the most qualified, right? Nah. Must be racism, Trump and Foxnews’ fault.

      What a strange world some people live in.

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