Suspect Who Threatened Police Officer And His Family Sentenced To Prison

A man who threatened a police officer and his family after being arrested last year has been sentenced to prison.

On May 17, 2016, Selma Police responded to a report of the unauthorized use of a 1999 Plymouth van taken from a parking lot on US 301 by Brian Lever Watson, 36, of Raleigh.

Police found the van a few minutes later in the parking lot of the Masters Inn with Watson still behind the wheel.  While being transported to jail, Watson allegedly spit and head butted Officer C.J. Eason before being further restrained.

During the altercation, Watson allegedly threatened harm to Officer Eason and his family.

Last Friday in a Johnston County Courtroom, a jury convicted Watson of malicious conduct by a prisoner, driving while impaired, assault on a government officer, and communicating threats. Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Lock sentenced Watson to 35 to 50 months in prison.

“The District Attorney’s Office is very pleased with the outcome of this trial and would like to thank the members of the jury for their service,” stated Assistant District Attorney Jordan M. Ford. “In a society where law enforcement officers are so often the subjects of unwarranted criticism, it is comforting to know that the residents of Johnston County refuse to allow our officers to be degraded, disrespected, and assaulted while in uniform.”

Officer C.J. Eason and the entire Selma Police Department did an excellent job investigating this offense and should be commended for their outstanding work and tireless efforts to serve the community,” Ford told WTSB News.