Two Dogs Attack, Injure Woman

CLAYTON – A 32 year-old woman was hospitalized with severe lacerations after being attacked by two dogs. Clayton Police and Clayton Animal Control are currently investigating the incident.

On July 8th at 9:44am, police and EMS were dispatched to a home on Plymouth Drive.

Police Chief Greg Tart said the victim, who is employed by a Wake County pet waste removal service, was at the residence to perform a service. The victim texted the dog owner upon arrival then entered the fenced-in backyard area.

Two lab-pit bull mix dogs were in the backyard and bit the victim on her hands and legs causing severe lacerations, Chief Tart said.

The owner of the dogs came out and grabbed the animals. The victim was able to jump the fence and get out of the yard, according to police.

The victim was transported by Johnston County EMS to UNC Johnston Health in Clayton for treatment. At last report, no charges had been filed.


  1. Pit bull/Pit Mixes? Well…. you don’t say! Sorry, but when you choose a breed that was bred to fight and be aggressive you get an aggressive dog. It’s NOT how they are raised, that’s a bunch of BS. They are genetically what they are and one day those genetics will probably show themselves. Yes, I know your sweet little fur baby would never hurt a flea. They might not for many years, Right up until they do that is. If you choose to have this breed you need to take responsibility for your choices.

    • Not sure where you get your data, but according to the (many) studies and research coming from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club) and AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) and National Canine Research Council, it *is not* a dog’s breed that determines whether it will bite, but rather the dog’s individual history and behavior. But many people nowadays don’t bother with actual science or studies and prefer to make their own choices based on something other than science and data.

    • Pit bulls are not genetically “aggressive”. H*ll I’ve seen more vicious chihuahuas than I have pits. Get off your high horse of ignorance.

    • Well you don’t say, your an idiot?!?! ANY dog with teeth CAN bite!! Anything with a mind of it’s own can bite. Also it IS on how they are raised. You have to TRAIN ANY dog! At the end of the day, the dogs were in their fence and this was a stranger to them. There is fault on both parties.

      • Baseball Tuff Mom-

        Do pit owners all attend the same class where they are trained in BS and excuses for their 4 legged deadly weapons?

        Facts don’t lie. But pit owners most certainly do.

        • I am not a Pit owner so I don’t lie either. What do classes have to with anything? Not all training comes from a class.
          Again, any animal with a mind of its own and teeth can be a 4 OR 2 legged deadly weapon.

    • Trust me I retired from animal control and pit bulls are dangerous and terrible dogs. Maybe 1 out of a hundred are OK.

  2. Kitties Perros such a dumd@ss response! I have raised Pits and deal with them on a daily basis and YES my dear IT IS HOW THEY ARE RAISED! Do your homework before you open your mouth ~ I have a Chiweenie that is more aggressive than any of my pits. It’s people like you that give this breed a bad name. I’m NOT saying Pits won’t bite but ANY dog or cat for that matter will BITE … Children will bite but, do you classify them as “dangerous”???

    • @BWW-

      Every pit bull attack is usually accompanied by the owner saying something to the effect of “she was such a sweet dog and we cared for her. We just don’t understand.” So the questions to ask are:

      1. Are pit bulls naturally more aggressive and less predictable than other dogs?
      2. Are pit bull owners lying when they say that they raised their dog right?
      3. Or are pit bull owners too stupid to know how to raise them?

      And save the BS pit talking point about how your other dog is “so much more aggressive” than your pit. Your Chiweenie won’t act sweet for years before snapping and killing you or your child.

  3. From a search on the internet questioning the most vicious dog breed: Which dog breed attacks the most?
    Pit bull. No dog breed has a more ferocious reputation than the pit bull, being recognized as the most aggressive dog breed. According to Canine Journal (an organization that collects and analyzes dog bite attacks in the United States), Pit bull attacks are responsible for the deaths of 185 people in the last ten years …Nov 13, 2021.

    Here’s another: When examining a 13-year data set, 54 fatal attacks included a dog killing its primary owner. Pit bulls were the cause of 63% of these deaths, over 8x more than any other type of dog. Between 20015 to 2017, only 21% of fatal dog attacks resulted in criminal charges. 75% of these cases involved a pit bull.

  4. When “studies” authored by pit bull advocates contract the evidence, go with the evidence: 582 of the 933 dog attack fatalities in the U.S. & Canada since 1982 were by pit bulls. Are we to believe that pit bull owners are uniquely negligent & incompetent?

  5. I cycle every day in the Smithfield and Four Oaks area. There are so many people that has dogs running wild. So many times i had to spray bear spray at a dog to keep it from biting my legs. I love dogs! I have one in my home that sleeps with us like a baby. So i’m not against dogs! Just wish the owners are made to keep them in a fence or home. Or underground fence. Just my two cents.

  6. Pit bull apologists will bend over backwards and knowlingly LIE to defend their 4 legged deadly weapons. The statistics are undeniable. There is absolutely no reason to own a Pit bull.

    Forget gun control. Pit bull control would save many lives every year.

  7. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    Pitbulls cause the vast majority of fatalities. 65% or so even though they are but a small percentage of dogs. Period. Never heard of a Chihuahua killing anyone but you are welcome to prove me wrong.

    Any dog breeder who doesn’t understand genetics should not be breeding. How you raise them has little to do with it, they are what they are. Genetics matter. A Lot. Pit bulls are bred to fight. Labs are bred to hunt. Border Collies are bred to herd. Greyhound are bred to run. Try taking a Chihuahua to a racetrack and see how that works out for you. Take your saint Bernard to a hunt and see how he does. Yes, genetics matter. To deny it shows a real lack of intelligence.

    Facts don’t care about your squishy little feelings. Needs repeating.

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