US 70 West Loop To I-40 East To Close

CLAYTON – N.C. Department of Transportation contractors plan to close the U.S. 70 West loop to Interstate 40 East on July 6 to allow crews to build the new turbine-style interchange for I-40, U.S. 70, and Toll N.C. 540.

A signed detour will direct drivers to exit U.S. 70 West and take N.C. 42 West to get on I-40 East.

The new turbine-style interchange, which will again allow drivers to get to I-40 East from U.S. 70 West, is expected to be complete in about 14 months.

Motorists need to slow down and pay extra attention as they travel near the work zone and allow extra time for the detour.


  1. 14 months?! Fortunately for me, I don’t go that way anymore, but I feel sorry for everyone that does. I40 is already dreadful as it is, why not make it worse? And will it even finish before I die of old age?

  2. Ahhh more road construction, just what joco needs!!! Ooh and it’s the “turbine style” my favorite kind of construction!!!!!! I like mine with a side of never ending traffic please!!!!

    • You said a mouthful, friend!

      Let’s continue to build, build, build and let the roadways, schools, garbage collections, water supply, electricity and sewer be an after thought. Slowly but surely ruining everything there is to love about Johnston County. But, who cares? Who are we in the grand scheme of things. Other than their paycheck and the ones it affects the most.

      SpeAking of traffic. Let’s remember, boys and girls, the left lane is for passing traffic. If you do not understand this basic driving fundamental or do not care to abide, please stay off the road.

      I’ll get off my high horse now.

  3. Yea directing people to 42 west to I40 probably shouldn’t add to the traffic up there. Sheeeesh how stupid can dot get?

  4. So an area already known for traffic for no reason, is now going to have a reason to have more traffic…Freaking awesome…cannot wait.

  5. Just remember people, traffic equals delays delays equal more gas consumption. More gas consumption equals higher prices higher prices equal more inflation. You follow me? It’s all planned and by design

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