Victim Fires Shot During Car Break-In

The victim of a car break-in fired a gun to startle the suspect. It worked.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating four car break-ins a short distance apart Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Friday night between 8:30pm and 9:25pm, three vehicles in the 4300 block of US Highway 301 South near Benson Avenue (near the US 701/I-95 interchange) were broken into. The suspect or suspects stole a 9mm handgun, copy of a concealed handgun permit, purse, bookbag, $100 in cash, and school supplies.

Later, some of the items were recovered in the 4500 block of US Highway 301 South by Four Oaks Police after they were dumped in the front yard of a home.

Around 6:15am Saturday, this time on Packing Plant Road near North Johnson Road south of Smithfield, a homeowner was getting ready for work and noticed a person enter his car in the driveway. The victim fired a gun to startle the suspect who immediately fled on foot. A sheriff’s office K-9 attempted to track the suspect but was not successful. All the property taken from the car was recovered.

The unknown male suspect was believed to be wearing a flannel coat and gray sweatpants. At last report, an arrest had not been made.


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