5 Break-Ins Reported To Smithfield Police

Smithfield Police are investigating a rash of break-ins.

Between Sunday and Wednesday, five homes have been broken into.  For the entire month of April only 7 break-ins were reported. And that was higher than March when only 4 break-ins occurred.

Break-ins were reported Monday on Berkshire Road and Mill Street. Tuesday’s break-ins happened on Midway Street and Wilson’s Mills Road.  And on Wednesday’s a break-in occurred on S. Lakeside Drive.

TV’s and electronics were taken from the homes on Berkshire Road and S. Lakeside Drive. $770 worth of jewelry was taken from the home on Wilson’s Mills Road.  No items were taken from the other homes.

Smithfield Police have not said if they think the 5 break-ins in three days are connected, but officers are encouraging residents to keep their doors locked and to report any suspicious activity.