Annual Smithfield Appearance Commission Report

Smithfield Town Manager Mike Scott presented the annual report of the Smithfield Appearance Commission during the August town board meeting. Scott presented the report on behalf of his wife, Peggy Scott, the Vice Chairperson of the commission, who could not be present.

A total of $5,220.93 was spent by the Appearance Commission on projects during the last fiscal year. They included 9 new trees through the Donate-A-Tree program, new trees along Johnston Street downtown, boat ramp beatification, and plants and mulch at four wayfinding entrance signs.

The Commission’s main project for 2019-2020 is a shelter and flag pole in the area of the boat ramp.

In 2021, the commission is planning to update the Town Hall Park, continue with street beatification, and continue developing a tree plan for the Town of Smithfield.

The Commission Report thanked Anita Liverman for 6 years of volunteer service. Mrs. Liverman recently stepped down.  The Appearance Commission also noted the tireless efforts of town staff including Lenny Branch, Shannan Parrish, Stephen Wensman, the town council and mayor.  Jim George was also mentioned for his continued support.

For anyone interested in serving, the Smithfield Appearance Commission currently has three openings.