Benson Chamber Hosts Annual Citizen Of The Year Breakfast

2020 Citizen of the Year Beth Rogers

The Benson Chamber hosted its annual Citizen of the Year Breakfast on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, at the Benson Conference Center. The event was an opportunity for the newest citizen of the year, Beth Rogers (a retired elementary teacher from Benson), to mingle with former recipients of the award. In addition to enjoying a delicious breakfast catered by Sheryl’s Catering, attendees had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Eric Bracy, Superintendent of Johnston County Schools.

Johnston County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy

Dr. Bracy is in his second year as Superintendent. His successful career in education over the past twenty years has prepared him for the leadership role he now holds in Johnston County. In addition to Dr. Bracy discussing his vision for the schools with breakfast attendees, he also addressed some of the educational challenges facing the school system because of the recent COVID pandemic.

The Benson Chamber hostsed the “2020 Citizen of the Year Breakfast” at the Benson Conference Center. 2020 Citizen of the Year, Beth Rogers, was recognized for her contributions to the community. Board Chairman, Justin Powell, memorialized former citizen of the year, Larry Massengill, by presenting his family members with a book in his honor that will eventually reside at the Mary Duncan Public Library. The keynote speaker for the breakfast was Dr. Eric Bracy, Superintendent of Johnston County Schools.

The Citizen of the Year Breakfast is a long-standing tradition of the Benson Chamber. Each year, honored citizens from the past and present gather around the breakfast table to reflect upon and renew their love for the town of Benson. This year’s event was another reminder of the important role that educators play in the success of a community.