Benson Promotes Interim Chief Greg Percy To Permanent Police Chief 

The Town of Benson made the decision this week to allow Interim Police Chief Greg Percy to continue his role as head of the Police Department in officially promoting him to permanent Police Chief.

Chief Percy was initially hired in Benson in 1995 as a patrol officer. He was promoted to Detective in 1997, then Detective/Sergeant in 1999. A short time after becoming a Lieutenant, he left Benson in August 2001 to work with the Chapel Hill Police Department.

He returned to Benson in May 2003 and was promoted to Captain in December 2014.

In early June of this year, he took over as Interim Chief following the retirement of Kenneth Edwards. Former Chief Edwards shared his thoughts about the transition during a Town of Benson interview about his retirement.

“Greg was here when I came to Benson. He left briefly, but when I took over as Chief, he was one of the first people I hired back and I hired him as Captain. We’ve seen a lot of things together, we’ve had a lot of professional and personal interactions,” he explained. “I am one hundred percent convinced that he has all the tools to run the police department.”

Town Manager Fred Nelson echoed the sentiments of former Chief Edwards, saying Chief Percy was the clear choice.

“He understands this community and has spent many years here forming connections with people,” said Mr. Nelson. “We’re excited to announce that Greg is our full-time Police Chief —we know our officers are under qualified leadership with him and we’re looking forward to seeing how Greg shapes his department now that he is officially in charge,” he added.

In 2018, Chief Percy (still Captain at the time) won the Distinguished Officer Award from JohnstonNow Magazine. In the press release for that award, he reflected on his time in law enforcement and the importance of truly getting to know the community you protect.

“You have to get out and learn people’s names and faces. That’s what makes, at least to me, a good police department. You can get out there on the street, wave at people, and have a conversation with people about things other than law enforcement,” he explained.

Fast-forward to today, Chief Percy said this week’s announcement is the realization of a milestone in his career.

“Being named Chief of Police is the fulfillment of a goal that started in 1993, when I first got into law enforcement. I’ve been blessed to have worked with great friends and mentors throughout my career, and they’ve all played keys parts in my development as an officer, and a leader,” he said on Thursday.

“Moving forward, I’m excited to work with our officers, Town staff, and our citizens to continue the improvements being made in Benson. I and my staff will work diligently everyday to be visible in our community, to be professional in our encounters, to be empathetic to others, and to be creative problem solvers for our residents,” he continued.

“Benson is a unique and special place in our state and I’m truly honored to be the Chief of Police here.”