Benton Sawrey Announces Bid For Johnston County Senate District

Benton Sawrey

CLAYTON – Republican Benton Sawrey announced today his candidacy for North Carolina State Senate. Sawrey will run for the new 10th District, an open seat in Johnston County created earlier this month through redistricting.

In announcing his candidacy, Sawrey said, “Johnston County is home. Four generations of my family live here. This community means everything to me. I won’t sit back and watch Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi saddle my friends and neighbors with runaway inflation, higher prices on gas and food, and higher taxes on hard-working people while the Washington, D.C. swamp benefits from tax loopholes and hand-outs. I’ll work in state government to cut taxes for Johnston County – regular folks: farmers, small business owners, and families.”

Sawrey is a partner in the law firm Narron Wenzel, P.A. where he helps small business owners and farmers navigate complex tax and regulatory issues. “I will stand up for our values and way of life in Johnston County. I will fight for the Right to Life, our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and our 10th Amendment right to be left alone by the federal government. Parents are central to a child’s education and being told to sit on the sidelines and stay quiet while basic skills are neglected in the Classroom in favor of a progressive agenda is unacceptable. I will work to expand North Carolina’s opportunity scholarship program to broaden school choice and fund our students as opposed to bloated bureaucracies in Raleigh and Washington.”

“I grew up fishing in Holt Lake with my dad and granddad when I was young. I was in Troop 77 at First Baptist Church and my Eagle Scout project was repairing Smithfield’s bicentennial gazebo. In the summertime, I would alternate time between Camp Tuscarora in Bentonville, summer swim leagues, and the batting cages at McGee’s Crossroads. During the school year, I would walk from school to Creech’s pharmacy for a coke float before heading to Wednesday services at church. Four generations of my family presently call Johnston County home and we are invested in this community and its people and care deeply about its future. My wife and I moved back here after we were married and finished school because we treasured what our small towns offered growing up.  We want our children to have the same.”

“I met my wife, Beth, while we were at NC State. She currently works at WakeMed as a pediatric clinical specialist pharmacist. She spent four years in Buies Creek at Campbell University for her pharmacy degree and then two years in Winston-Salem at Brenner’s Children Hospital for her residency.” “I have always had an interest in local politics. I remember, as a child, putting up signs and helping my mom campaign for one of Cookie Pope’s first commissioner races. When I got to college, I walked down the street to NC GOP headquarters and took an unpaid internship doing research and data entry. I was recommended to the General Assembly and started working with Senator Phil Berger. Senator Berger was the minority leader at the time; the office was small and I had a unique opportunity to see how the process worked. I worked on countless campaigns and projects statewide from there.”

Benton Sawrey is a member of the Board of Trustees at Johnston Community College and a director of the Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation. He has previously served as general counsel for the Johnston County Republican Party and on the Partnership for Children of Johnston County’s Board of Directors. He resides in Clayton with his wife, Beth, and their two children, Allie and Greyson. They are members of Horne United Methodist Church in Clayton.


  1. Research—why did he mention the Federal Government and not the tyrant at the governors mansion in Raleigh? Also, mandates? Vaccines for children? Masks? Those are the hot button issues.

  2. I’m so glad we have a fresh face to represent us in Raleigh. I just hope & pray he is committed to serving Johnston County and NOT to serving the Republican party and all blowhards in Raleigh!

  3. Benton is a class act and has conducted himself that way since he was a kid. We would be fortunate to have him represent Johnston County. It’s time for new blood and new ideas, as well as someone who represents the growing family demographic in our county.

  4. Paul, I know a lot of good kids that believe a horrible late term abortion needs to be defended, where does he stand on these issues if you know him so well and please report back to us. Ms. Jean inquired on some very important issues also so Mr. Paul you having such a close relationship we know you have the answers?

  5. Mr. Paul, I guess I worry my vote for Mr. Benton Sawrey would later make me regret it the same way it did for the so-called Republican Conservative Tony”WRAL” Braswell. The minute the vote was over to fund the school board after holding out for a CRT policy. The so-called conservative Tony”WRAL Braswell let the liberal WRAL know how he was so unhappy about the funds being held back to get that CRT policy. Mr.Paul, this young man grew up a rock throw from Tony”WRAL”Braswell business and $180-K-Carroll business so we do want to know is he fake or a true conservative?

  6. I have met Mr.Sawrey, and am glad that someone younger is taking an interest in political office. Now does that mean I know what his policies are or what he thinks about key issues. It does mean from now until election I will be doing my research. We owe it to ourselves to make sure we know the candidates .

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