Civitas Polls Show Anti-Spending Beliefs Span a Decade

Ivitas logoRALEIGH – The most recent Civitas Poll of North Carolina voters shows they continue to favor cutting spending rather than raising taxes to control state spending.

Asked the reason for tight budgets, an overwhelming majority of voters, 78 percent, said the cause was government spending that is too high.

When asked how for the best way to cut budgets, 57 percent said the state should cut government spending or stop spending on new programs. Only 8 percent favored raising taxes.

Another question was about the Taxpayer Protection Act. Such a law, which would limit the growth of state government spending, was supported by 64 percent of voters; only 19 percent opposed it.

As for which fiscal policy was best, 61 percent answered, “Tax cuts for all businesses in North Carolina.

The poll also compared today’s opinions of those from May 2005, when Civitas did its first poll. By similar margins, voters then also backed cutting spending and taxes.

The poll surveyed 600 registered North Carolina voters, 30 percent of whom were reached on cell phones. The survey was taken May 5-7, and had a margin of error of plus/minus 4 percent.

The May 2005 poll was taken by Tel Opinion Research. In it 1,000 voters were surveyed, and had a margin of error of plus/minus 3.1 percent.