Clayton Chamber Super Star Teacher Is Always On The Move

(Left to right): Woody Bailey, Woody’s Computing Service; Martha Stovall, Chamber Education Committee; Dana Wooten, Chamber President; Christine McLatchy, Super Star Teacher; Terri Sessoms, Johnston County School Board; Myra Burrell, Chamber Education Committee; Dan Kerwin, Powhatan Principal

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce has recognized Ms Christine McLatchy of Powhatan Elementary as the May 2019 Super Star Teacher of the Month.  Super Star teachers demonstrate excellence and leadership in their classroom, creativity and motivation of their students and show a high level of commitment to our community.

According to her nomination, Ms McLatchy is always on the move improving Powhatan Elementary, her grade level, and her classroom.  She uses student data, individual interest, feedback, and learner profiles to adjust her lessons.  She strives to meet each student’s needs and motivate them to attain their goal.  Ms McLatchy serves on the school improvement team and has worked to establish proficiency scales for her grade level.   She has displayed her student’s work in School Connections, worked on the second grade wax museum and works with a meteorologist for weather lessons.  She volunteers at PTA functions and is an active member of the community.   Ms McLatchy encourages academic excellence and always makes learning relevant for her students.

Congratulations and thank you for your service to our students and our community.