JCPS Personnel Appointments

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Public School Board approved the following personnel recommendations by Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy at their August 9, 2022 meeting:

Principal – Two-Year Contract
Monica Sawyer – Riverwood Middle

Interim Principal
Lynn Prescott – Cleveland Middle

Assistant Principals – Two-Year Contract
Heather Best – Thanksgiving Elementary
Marta-Malia Blake – Cleveland High
Choya Boykin – Choice Plus Academy

Sharon Bryant – Principal, Riverwood Middle to CIA Administrator
Sarah Reynolds – Principal, Cleveland Middle to Principal, Corinth Holders High


    • There’s no conspiracy here. CHHS principal leaving the county resigned in July. The position was posted. Not every thing the school system does is evil.

      • I don’t recall I alluded to a “conspiracy “ . I simply stated that moving two middle school principals one week prior to teachers returning was a bit odd. With regards to the principal at Corinth, I assume there are several current AP’s of high schools that would be a suitable “ interim” principal of Corinth. Maybe even some former principals at the county offices.

        • Hey Russ, tell everyone how you would have handled this situation since you seem to have all the answers. You also must have inside information as to personnel matters as well. Look forward to your answer.

  1. Pleasantly surprised to see that the JoCo board was able to get some actual work done this week…. imagine that!

    • Well she couldn’t be a principal effectively with so many staff leaving in two years. She had to move somewhere.

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