JCPS Shares Remote Learning and Grading Guidelines with Parents

The following letter was shared with all JCPS students and families Tuesday evening. The letter details the district’s updated remote learning plan and grading guidelines.


Dear Parents, Families, and Guardians,

In JCPS, our priority continues to be the safety and health of our students, faculty, staff and families. As we join together to navigate the many challenges our school communities face with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to continue to learn.

We are proud of how our school families and communities have joined together in such unprecedented times. Thank you for your support, patience, and desire to assist our efforts. Together we will get through these times and our students will continue to grow as learners.

The current school closure date continues to be through May 15th. Our system created a multi-phase instructional plan at the beginning of this crisis that provided students with engaging learning opportunities and resources. As stated in our initial plan, this is an evolving situation as new updated information and guidance is received from state and federal officials regarding this constantly changing COVID-19 event. 

It is now time to move into Phase 3 of our instructional plan. As a district, we will continue to post our remote learning plan updates on our website with current, specific and relevant information for our families. These resources are designed to keep your child engaged in learning. Please note that learning opportunities and activities found on this site will not be graded. 

You can expect a few challenges along the way, but we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our students have the opportunities that they need and deserve.

Phase Three (April 20th-May 15th) 

  • Additional Web-based instructional resources: Access to all remote learning opportunities can be found on the homepage of the JCPS website Johnston County Public Schools Learning @ Home. Under each school individual site you will find access to all remote learning activities and opportunities by either grade-level, teacher, course or subject. Teachers will continue to post learning activities until further notice. Teachers will provide feedback to students on learning opportunities through various forms of feedback digitally. Each school has provided documents for ways to contact teachers remotely as well as posted virtual office hours with availability to assist students and families. Schedules have been developed to provide maximum flexibility in order to meet the needs of individual students, families and teachers.
  • School Contact: Schools will continue communicating with students/parents. You may call the school front desk or email your child’s teacher if additional information is needed. For additional help please contact the JCPS Call Center Monday- Friday 8am-5pm toll-free at 855-527-6397.



  • Instructional Learning Resources: Schools will continue to provide instructional learning resources (technology, packets (upon request), workbooks, etc, as needed). At this time, we are only able to provide timely feedback utilizing a digital platform. We are working to secure mobile hotspots and internet connectivity for those who are in need. As always, teachers will continue to make contact with students using all appropriate means possible under these circumstances. As additional learning resources are made available for students, schools will use appropriate messaging to provide processes to families for the safest retrieval. 



  • School Calendar: The state has asked that school districts adhere to their existing calendars. No calendar changes have been made at this time. 


  • Special Educational Services: Special education services will begin on April 20th. Schools will reach out to families and students with a plan to create continuous learning opportunities that reasonably meet the students’ IEPs. Learning will look differently, but we will do our best to adjust in order to meet your child’s needs. At this time, speech/language service is the only related service that can be provided through tele-therapy. 



  • Grading and other Questions: 


Based on the guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, certain critical factors must be met to ensure effective remote learning and the grading of that learning. If the critical factors listed below are met for remote learning, school districts may evaluate student learning in the manner the school already uses for grades. If the school district concludes that the critical factors are not met, the school district will focus on supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students and families rather than on assigning grades. 


Critical factors for effective remote learning must ensure that remote learning… 

  •  is accessible by all students for which the learning is intended and is responsive to diverse learning groups;
  •  maintains consistent communication between instructional staff and students;
  •  addresses the curricular and instructional needs associated with appropriate standards; 
  •  includes evidence of student learning; and, 
  •  considers the whole child as well as the home learning environment. 


Johnston County Public Schools will not engage in grading and reporting in the format typically used by our district because we cannot guarantee for all students that we are meeting all the critical factors for effective remote learning. Below is our grading process moving forward specifically by grade levels.

JCPS Elementary K-5 Grading 

JCPS Middle School Grades 6-8 Grading

JCPS High School 9-11 Grading

Seniors Grading 



  • Attendance


Attendance will not be taken during remote learning. Students should continue to put forth their best efforts to engage in the learning opportunities and content. 



  • UNC-TV Partnership


UNC-TV and the NC Department of Public Instruction have established a partnership that will support remote learning with content that will be accessible to students—especially those with limited or no internet access—at no charge. 

Each weekday, two blocks of programming on UNC-TV’s North Carolina Channel will serve: 

4th through 8th grade students, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

9th through 12th grade students, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here). 

For PreK through 3rd grade, UNC-TV’s 24/7 “PBS KIDS” channel — Rootle — will continue providing programming appropriate for that age group. 

These educational program blocks are available on the North Carolina Channel, available statewide for free over-the-air, through cable providers and streamed online.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish each of you continued health and safety.