New Law To Regulate Food Trucks

By Emily Weaver
Dunn Daily Record

ANGIER – The Angier Town Board of Commissioners approved a new ordinance April 4 to regulate an influx of food trucks in the land of crepe myrtles.

“The problem is we’ve had people coming in here and doing it without any permits, without any regulations,” said Commissioner George “Jr” Price, who said he asked the town’s planning department to look into the issue. “… We’re just trying to regulate it.”

The new law will allow regulated parties to permanently vend food items at fixed locations with a $100 permit, good for a period of up to 180 days (six months). A new permit is required for operation beyond 180 days.

The primary purpose of the regulation is to gain control over how, where and when this activity is allowed, Angier’s Planning Director Randall Cahoon told the board in a pre-meeting agenda memo. “This article sets up standards for food trucks, hot dog carts and other mobile food vending within town limits.”

The new law “requires proof of liability insurance and written permission from the property owner as conditions of conducting business” in the town, according to Cahoon.

Vendors must also provide proof of the most recent inspection from the environmental health department that licensed the food stand, show a state-issued photo identification for each employee and have liability insurance good for no less than $300,000.

The ordinance does not apply to food vendors at town-sponsored events or to roadside stands selling produce and seasonal products.

Only lots zoned for commercial use will be allowed to host mobile food vendors and no more than two food stands will be allowed per lot. Vendors cannot set up shop within 100 feet of the main entrance to any other eating establishment or similar food service business, or within 100 feet of any outdoor dining offered by those businesses. Food stands must be at least 15 feet from any fire hydrant and cannot be stationed in an area that impedes, endangers or interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.


  1. “We’re just trying to regulate it.” said commissioner Price.

    Spoken like a true socialist! Real conservatives know that more government regulation is NEVER the answer! #VoteOutIncumbents

    • This regulation obviously targets the free enterprise efforts of a certain segment of society in the town of Angier.
      Racism or the lust for money seems to bring out the worst in people in positions of authority.

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