Newly Elected School Board Members Sworn Into Office

SMITHFIELD – Three newly elected members of the Johnston County Board of Education were sworn into office on Tuesday, Dec. 13 immediately prior to the regular scheduled board meeting.

Michelle Antoine, Kevin Donovan, and Terry Tippett each took their oath of office during the Swearing-in Ceremony at the Evander Simpson Building in Smithfield.  Each member was sworn in by Johnston County Clerk of Superior Court Michelle Ball, in the presence of family and friends.

During the regularly scheduled meeting Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy presided over the organization of the board process. In a 4-to-3 vote, board member Lyn Andrews was appointed as Chair. In a 7-0 vote, newly elected board member Terry Tippett was appointed as Vice-Chair.

“I’m excited to begin serving the citizens of Johnston County. Our Public Schools are critical to the future of our county, working to end any distraction so this newly assembled board can focus on the education of children is critical right now.  I believe the public is ready for a fresh start, and our first meeting was what you can expect moving forward. As Madam Chairman Lyn Andrews expressed we are not going to agree on all things, but this board will respectfully agree to disagree,” Mrs. Antoine told The Johnston County Report.


  1. Ma Andrews take the riens of the crime family, anyone else wonder what Ma Adrews and her boy $180-K-Carroll are cooking up to vote on in closed session? Ma Andrews has a pot of hundreds of millions of dollars setting on her stove just waiting to be spent. Parents and Taxpayers don’t forget this is the woman “Ma Andrews” that blindly voted with the teachers union teacher Terri Sessoms NCAE – Member, Treasurer, President to keep your kids in a mussel or a mask.

    Parents and Taxpayers let see if these three new elected leaders are willing to undo what the out going board did by voting Ma Andrews into being the new chair? If they bow down to this then nothing has changed? A vote from Ronald Johnson and the new three board members can have the chair that the people of Johnston County voted for?

    • I agree, HOw soon they forgot the tape and Andrews. It’s going to be interesting as she said when in the seat, “We may not agree all of the time but hopefully, we can agree to disagree” Just can’t believe the tie breaker vote of Tippett gave her the seat.

      • Rocky Mount… I thoughts exactly and who will they recruit? I doubt Donovan and Antonie will be the ones. I hope Tippett didn’t show his cards at the first meeting on how he is going to side. But I think he did. Sad vote if this happens.

  2. I would like to know what is being done with the allotted money for the 10 pages of job openings on the county website. Rest assured the school system will be asking for more money yet these positions will go infilled and the money not spent.

  3. More of the same old same. Until parents wise up and decide, en masse, to choose homeschooling over this state-run nonsense, there’s no incentive for the school bard to change. Good luck to the 36,000 kids who will continue to get shortchanged… they’ll need it with this board!

  4. So the man we voted for in hope of change Terry “Judas” Tippett betrays the Johnston County Voters before the cock crows twice! The snake has reared it’s true identity and cometh for our children? Why do they go to such great deception to keep the financial books from seeing the light of day? Again, folks replace the characters in the movie of “Bad Education” with some of our elected leaders and what does a open mind conclusion come too? Will the pillar of the community and now school board chairman Ma Andrews request a forensic audit for all the missing millions sense we trusted her with our vote? Maybe our very own elected Terry “Judas” Tippett will demand transparency in this quest for transparency? This betrayal does not surprise us nor does it break our commitment for change. Look at the news story of Terry “Judas” Tippitt below when these same people denied him. Don’t forget parents and taxpayers, The Ma Andrews and Sons has your children for collateral for the next two years?

    • terribarns, I hope this is not going to be the way Tippitt is on this board. It did look as him and Andrews is cozy with each other’s company though in the first meeting. Sure am interested who will be Vice Chair Person.

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