No Foul Play In Death Of 28 Year-Old Man Found Inside Vehicle

The Johnston County Medical Examiner ruled today (Friday) the death of a 28 year-old man found inside his SUV was due to natural causes.

Smithfield Police were summoned to a Dodge Durango SUV parked on Berkshire Road around 6:00am Thursday. The victim, Benjamin Lee Brau of Benson, had dropped his wife off at work Wednesday night for her third shift job. Brau reportedly planned to sleep in the back of the SUV until he was scheduled to pick his wife up Thursday morning.  He is believed to have died sometime between midnight and 6:00am Thursday of natural causes.

“He died naturally in his sleep of complications of a medical condition,” Medical Examiner Jason Thompson said Friday.  The SUV was not running and there were no signs of foul play.