Pine Level Elementary Celebrates Fire Prevention Week

Pictured with Firefighter Brannan Barbee is Mrs. Shannon Beasley’s kindergarten class. From left to right, front row:Kindergarten teacher Shannon Beasley, Malachi Puckett, Dillan Lares Martinez, Alondra Cortes, Jacob Revels, Charlie Griffith, Camilla Chavez, Carlos Becerra Perdoma, Chloe Alexander and Clara Conway. 2nd Row: Emmanuel Serrano, Savannah Kelley, Landon Holland, Natalie Garnica and Hailey Layhew. Back Row: Fireman Barbee, Aubree kendall, Nevaeh Norris, Jennifer Lozano, Geovani Lopez and Kindergarten teacher assistant Arani Ramphal.

Firefighters from the Pine Level Fire Department recently visited Pine Level Elementary School in celebration of “Fire Prevention Week.”

Kindergarten through second grade students had the opportunity to go outside to view the department’s fire trucks and equipment. Chloe Alexander, a kindergarten student said, ” My favorite part of the firefighters’ visit was seeing the fire hose.”

Third through fifth grade students received visits in their classrooms and the firefighters answered questions about fire safety. Firefighters also passed out hats and other items for the students to take home.

Pictured with Firefighter Michael Roberts demonstrating his oxygen mask, is Mrs. Jennifer Bare’s kindergarten class. Left to right: Carter Lucas, Alesa Beasley, Tanner Melvin, Geanna Liverman, Anahi Perez Nava, Caleb Ernst, Bruno Solis, Ever Medina Almaraz, Yamileth Yerbafria Perez and Ky Jackson.

One student asked, “What would happen if a firefighter couldn’t knock a door down?” Ken Corbett,  a Pine Level firefighter replied, “I have never had a door I couldn’t get open, and we have special tools to use if we can’t get one open.”

Firefighter Michael Roberts taught kindergarten students that if you can’t climb out of the window or open a door because it is too hot, go to the farthest corner away from the door and scream so the firefighter can hear you.

Shannon Beasley a kindergarten teacher for PES said, ” We really appreciate the Pine Level Fire department for taking time to help our students understand more about fire safety .”