School Board Votes To Continue Mask Requirement

School board members Kay Carroll, Al Byrd, Terri Sessoms, and Lyn Andrews raise their hands voting to keep the mask mandate in place. YouTube screenshot

The Johnston County Public School Board voted Tuesday afternoon to continue with the facemask mandate for students and employees.

Since last month, the number of active COVID cases among staff has increased from 9 to 12 and the number of students with COVID has increased from 52 to 85. The number of active staff quarantines has remained unchanged at 17 since October.  Student quarantines are down slightly from 286 on October 12th to 275 as of November 9th.

In a 4-to-3 decision, the board voted to continue with the mask requirement until their December meeting when another vote will take place.  Board members Lyn Andrews, Al Byrd, Kay Carroll, and Vice Chair Sessoms voted to continue with the mandate. Ronald Johnson, Chairman Todd Sutton, and Mike Wooten voted again.

“We all have our differences on this particular topic,” Chairman Sutton said.

Wooten said the decision should be up to parents on whether their children should wear a mask while at school.

At last report, 4.3 percent of people being tested for COVID-19 in Johnston County are positive.


  1. Terry Sessoms talking about freedom five minutes after she once again stripped the freedoms of students and parents.

    And did any one else notice the new mouthpiece of the schools talking to students and getting inches to their face without a mask even if it was just a few seconds? If a teacher did that, all the Karens and authoritarians would want that teacher fired. But it’s okay, the inner circle is protected.

  2. So I was at the hot bar in Food Lion last week buying some chicken wings. As I was placing my wings in the tray one of the women working the deli there came out with a fresh batch of Buffalo style wings to replenish the bar with. She was wearing a mask of course. She looks at me and says “Whew this Buffalo sauce sure is clearing out my sinuses”. My response to her was “oh you can smell that”? She said “oh yeah”. So I told her “congratulations, the masks don’t work. If you can sneak that sauce through that mask, a virus is getting in and out of there as well”.

    I say this because this whole mask thing is beyond ridiculous and is only used as a scare tactic to bring us all into submission “. And it’s messing our kids up. What was supposed to be 15 days to slow the spread has now become almost 2 years. We’re fed up with it. And I can’t believe a bunch of grown adults can’t even figure out something as simple as these masks don’t work. School boards have become nothing more than a theater of the absurd.

  3. When is this so called School Board going to listen to the parents. Let the parents decide whether or not to let their child wear a mask. Roy Boy the grand governor of our state once said when we were below 5% masks could come off. Well Roy Boy it is 4.3% in Johnston County and our fine school board members in their infinite wisdom have decided among themselves with 4 to 3 vote that our children are to still wear masks. As a grandfather of 2 boys I say let my family decide! Oh on a closing note, I hope you 4 enjoy the rest of your stay on the board because when it comes your time to be re-elected you are going to be sadly mistaken. Most of the citizens have had a belly full of this no-sense!!

    • You want parents to decide if they can allow or not allow their kids to get other kids sick? That is crazy. Do you understand that your kid putting a mask on protects the kids around them and likewise? You do have a choice! If you want your little super spreaders to go maskless then keep them home and allow everyone else to have a safe as possible environment to learn in.

      • Kids have gotten other kids sick since the dawn of time. And the science shows that COVID isn’t that dangerous to kids. So yes, parental choice trumps everything.

        How about if you want your child to “stay safe”, then you have them stay home while we enjoy freedom.

        • It is the schools responsibility to provide a safe environment for children. With that have the option to keep them home if they don’t want to wear a mask. Secondly, the science shows that this is a deadly and highly contagious virus that has the potential to take the life of your kid. How can you as a parent who loves his child not want to be as safe as possible? A mask covering won’t harm your child! It’s sad that your “freedom” is more important than the safey of children..I honestly don’t think it’s freedom at all…I think it’s pride that drives most of you! You don’t want to be told what to do..Just not used to being told what to do by people you don’t respect. My advice is get over it and help us save your kid and every other kid from going through a COVID infection!

          • You’re right. COVID is contagious that has the POTENTIAL to take the life of a kid. So does the cold, the flu, and da*n near every other virus. But since you think COVID is so deadly to kids, let’s look at the science. According to the Johnston County Health Department ( there has been a total of 1 death of someone under 18. Is that death tragic? Yes. But stop acting like this is some deadly virus to kids. So yes, I’ll take freedom over the wannabe dictators of the Board of Education because the data shows this virus isn’t as deadly as you wish it was.

            So besides making assumptions and calling me names, come at me with actual science or just admit you’re scared and you want big daddy government to take away your freedom so you can be safe.

        • Exactly! Let the maskers and jabbers be the ones keeping their kids home so they get educated in a “safe space” using a curriculum of their choice that THEY pay for themselves!
          The fact we are having this conversation shows how out of control things have gotten in our education system on the critical thinking end and how we are teaching our kids to be the next group of sheeple that blindly follow, drink the cool aid and toss their liberty aside the first chance the boogie man says BOO! Conformity was the goal and that is what our kids are being taught.
          There are times I choose to mask and times I don’t.
          The key word is choose, as in choice, freedom, does anyone remember what that is???

  4. Covid cases are up? How could this be with everyone wearing masks. Amazing how everything said is all BS when it comes to #’s

  5. So let me get this straight… kids and staff are masked but yet numbers are increasing. Yup, Sounds like they work and we should just keep using them. That’s a good plan… smh

    • The reason the numbers are going up is because, of the vaxed people. If you do your research you’ll see that the vaxed people and kids after getting the jab are getting sick. Not all of them, but enough of them to make you say why get the jab and why wear a mask if the vaxed people are still getting the virus. Stop living in fear and stop masking kids. People are breathing in carbon monoxide by wearing a mask. Wake up people you’re being used as lab rats and the end result is time will tell what the long term affect will be to your body. By the way what happened to My Body My Choice.

      • Absolutely true, all of it! I just wish everyone would wake up to see it and stop worshipping the golden calf of the mask at fauci’s feet.

  6. Folks, Todd Sutton and Mike Wooten would be voting to keep these mask on too if they weren’t trying to convince you Tax Payers and Parents they are fighting for you and are up for re-election so please forget they are liberal progressive liberals please! Parent’s those masks are the liberal progressive liberal badge of honor just as much as your Christian Cross is to you. They will lift the mask mandates just in time to help their liberal friends Todd Sutton, Al Byrd and Mike Wooten, as we get nearer to the election next year you will see.

  7. Our children should not be required to wear a mask. Do the adults that attend ball games, concerts or any other close quarter events wear them? No…and there are thousands clustered together. Let the parents decide if their child should wear a mask or not. My daughter comes home with headaches every day because she wears a mask all day at school and then all afternoon at afterschool. Social distancing is one thing but to force our children to wear a mask every is just wrong!

    • So what does the vaccine do? Does it stop transmission? No. Does it prevent you from getting COVID? No. So what’s the point? Oh that’s right. The government needs to churn out their bullsh*t propaganda so they can justify paying big pharma millions with taxpayer money.

      • Good luck with Covid if you catch it tell you what if you get sick stay home don’t goto the Hospital just deal with it since the vaccine doesn’t matter to you. Health care workers are freaking tired of ignorance, maybe when someone close to you dies it will matter.

          • Sad part is that people didn’t do their research before they took the jab. Down the road the more jabs you get the faster the complications or even death. I pray people wake up. Vote every member of the board out that pushes the jab. Also vote out every politician that is pushing the jab too. My Body My Choice and that goes for your children. The school and government don’t own your body…you do.

  8. I never really ever say anything on this site and I try to keep my personal opinions to myself; however, I am tired of having this same conversation or listening to the same conversation over and over. As someone who has family members in Johnston County Schools and also spends a lot of time at the school these students are tired of wearing the masks. The teachers are getting tired of wearing the masks. I’ve been to indoor events at the school and the parents are not required to wear the masks. I personally do not wear a mask due to the fact that it causes anxiety attacks for me. I was worried about missing out on an event for two family members who are seniors this year because of the mask ordeal and I’m afraid I won’t even be able to go to their graduation. However, when I called the school I was informed that because I was not a staff member nor a student I didn’t have to wear a mask. I believe that the students who have the vaccine should still have to wear a mask because I feel like it makes it easier to not discriminate against students who don’t want the shot and those whose parents do not want their child to get the shot. I do not think the vaccine is the magic cure for all. I believe if the vaccine was then the numbers should be way lower than what they are but they aren’t.

    I have two sisters that work in the medical field as well as a brother in law. They’ve all seen some crazy serious cases of Covid (majority of those were older people) and they’ve seen some not so serious cases. Coivd is a virus; there isn’t any cure for it, a virus has to run its course. Just like the flu, you get the shot and you can still get the Flu. When the doctor gives you a prescription for Tamiful it’s just for the symptoms of the flu. It doesn’t treat the flu itself. All that said to simply state: I do not think the mask work as well as some people want them to. If someone farts and I’m wearing a mask and I can still smell the fart then what makes you think an even smaller virus isn’t going to pass through the mask. I mean, sure you could probably wear two masks and a face shield but is it still going to work? I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist working on all of this but I’m human and I still have an opinion on the matter.

    I think I’m just tired of hearing people be so ugly and discriminatory towards others for having a different thought and say on the matter.

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