SSS Goes Over The Edge In Support Of Special Olympics

On December 3, 2022, Smithfield-Selma High School (SSS) Principal David Allen and Athletic Director Lori Rose braved 30 stories, rappelling down the Wells Fargo building as part of the Over the Edge fundraiser. This event had been rescheduled from the original date in September.

Over the Edge is a fundraiser to support Special Olympics North Carolina. As a Unified Champion School, it was only fitting that Smithfield-Selma High participate. Unified Spartans is a club at SSS whose mission is to facilitate the inclusion of all students in school activities to encourage growth and acceptance. The club demonstrated their inclusive youth leadership abilities by raising money to send Mr. Allen and Coach Rose over the edge. Rallying support from the community and sponsoring a bake sale helped students with and without intellectual disabilities meet their fundraising goals, raising over $2500.

David Allen and Lori Rose descended down the building together, showing that having a friend can help you face complex challenges.