Town Of Selma Releases Statement In Response To George Floyd Incident

SELMA – The Town of Selma has released a Statement of Equitable Treatment created in response to the death of George Floyd.  The letter states:

The Mayor, Town Council Members and Town of Selma Employees deplore the taking of George Floyd’s life as well as all lives previously taken in similar circumstances. We believe that everyone is created equal and that our day to day practices should reflect that principle.

Any acts within our town that appear to not be aligned with this principle should be immediately reported to our Selma Town Manager. Anyone who is fearful of such reporting should not be overcome by their fear. We will listen and respond. We want our town to be a place where ALL people feel safe and respected.

We understand the value of diversity in our Governing Body and Town Departments. We seek to foster a spirit of inclusiveness within our town operations and throughout our community. As an example, our Police Department, in addition to their core function of protecting lives and properties, conducts Young Citizens Police Academies, Ride-Along Programs and a variety of community services.

The practices of our Selma Police Department are driven by this Mission Statement: “The Selma Police Department believes that the protection of life and property is our highest priority. The Selma Police Department will respect and protect the rights and dignity of all persons and conduct all citizen contact with courtesy and compassion and consider ourselves as ambassadors for the Town of Selma.”  These words must lead to actions that show our dedication to fair, just, and equitable treatment of everyone.

Let there be no doubt that we abhor racism in any form. Our Elected Leaders and all Town of Selma Staff are focused on serving all our citizens.

The letter is signed by Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver.  A copy of the letter has been sent to Dr. Gettys Cohen Jr., President of the NAACP Johnston County Branch, and to Tony Nixon, President of the East Smithfield Improvement Organization.