Update: JR Cigars Layoffs Increases To 81 Positions

JR-Store-FIWTSB News has learned more people will be laid off from their jobs at JR Cigars in Selma than originally reported.

Initially, WTSB News was told on Tuesday 50 positions would be eliminated. On Thursday, we learned a total of 81 positions would be eliminated at the store on JR Road next to Interstate 95.

Among those positions being eliminated include 23 sales associates, 13 cashiers, 18 security guards, 7 supervisors, 5 housekeepers, and 4 assistant management personnel. 

In a letter from MC Management Inc. to the Town of Selma, “The retail sales of all products other than tobacco and tobacco products will be shut down and the positions of all employees working in the non-tobacco products selling areas of the facility will be impacted.”

The layoffs will take place in three phases. The first layoffs will occur starting November 1st. The second phase will begin November 16th. And the final layoffs will begin December 1st. 

Officials said the layoffs are permanent. The company does not have a union.