73 Year-Old Man Loses $600 In Computer Scam

A Johnston County man is out $600 after falling victim to a computer scam.  Earlier this month, the 73 year-old victim said he was on his computer when a message popped up on the screen offering technical support.  The victim said the message indicated there was a problem with his account and directed him to call a telephone number provided.

The victim called and was told that to solve the issue he needed to provide remote access to his computer.  The Willow Spring man gave the individual remote access and after nearly one hour the scammer disconnected the phone.

The victim later learned $600 had been transferred out of his bank account.

If you see a message pop up on your computer screen ordering you to call a number to resolve an issue it is more than likely a scam.  Anti-virus and security software companies rarely need you to call them to work on their software, especially through a pop up message.