Commissioners Approve Local Funding For New $3.56 Million JCATS Facility

Community and Senior Services (CSS) of Johnston County has received $597,800 in funding from Johnston County Commissioners to go towards construction of a new JCATS facility on W. Noble Street in Selma.

In December 2019, CSS was awarded $2.2 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Authority to expand the Johnston County Area Transit System (JCATS) Facility.  The expansion will help JCATS better meet their current operational needs as well as prepare for successfully meeting future transportation needs.  Altogether, JCATS will receive $2,391,200 in federal funding.   JCATS will pay the remaining cost of $571,000 towards the $3,560,000 project. JCATS will also pay for any cost overruns, should they occur.

The new 11,040 square foot building was originally projected to cost $8 million but Neal

The Johnston County Area Transit System (JCATS) has outgrown a 2,000 square foot office modular unit.

Davis, CSS Executive Director, worked with his staff and building designers to lower the cost to just over $3.5 million.

Currently, JCATS operates out of an outdated 2,000 square foot modular office unit. The unit is limited to no more than 20 occupants but they have 40 employees with no space for training or a passenger waiting area.

Mr. Davis hopes construction can begin by the end of this year.  The new building will be designed, if needed, to serve as an evacuation shelter or staging area for emergency response teams.