County Leases EMS Space At McGee’s Crossroads

On July 1st, Johnston County EMS will take over the operations of 50-210 EMS and Four Oaks EMS, the final two contract emergency medical service providers in the county.

This week, commissioners signed off on a lease for space at the 50-210 Fire Department to house Johnston County EMS ambulances starting next month, when the county takes over service in the McGee’s Crossroads area. It’s the same space 50-210 EMS has occupied for years at 50-210 Fire Station #1 at 52 Greenleaf Road.

The County will pay the 50-210 Fire Department $19,152 each year, during the three year lease term.

County Manager Rick Hester said final details regarding the Four Oaks EMS takeover and space for Johnston County EMS ambulances in that community are still being worked out.