Deputy Injured During High Speed Chase

A Johnston County deputy sheriff was hospitalized Tuesday night with minor injuries following a high speed car chase. It started around 9:15pm on Highway 301 between Kenly and Micro.

The officer was on routine patrol when he spotted a pickup truck speeding. The driver failed to pull over and a chase soon reached speeds near 100 miles per hour.

The chase turned onto Old Creech Road where the driver lost control and ran into a ditch.

The deputy began to exit his patrol car as his cruiser rolled into the back of the truck. His leg became pinned in the door jam. Others officers arrived to assist the injured deputy.

The suspect jumped and ran and eluded arrest. Authorities are still searching for the individual. The truck was seized.


  1. So the deputy wasn’t really injured DURING the high speed chase. See how words can change The narrative of the story. I hope the deputy fully recovers from his injuries.

  2. Prayers for the officer and for the driver of the truck, well he missed a pine tree, oh well. I say that because he could have killed someone else and he did not care so WHY SHOULD I!

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