Economic Development Announcement Expected Monday

BENSON – Johnston County Commissioners have scheduled a special meeting on Monday, April 12th at 11:00am. The meeting will be held at the Town of Benson Conference Center. The purpose of the special meeting is to hold a public hearing to receive public comment on a proposed economic development incentive grant.

According to a news release, “A company proposes to expand manufacturing facilities in an underdeveloped area of the County. The company has proposed the development in Johnston County in exchange for certain economic incentives in the form of annual cash grants paid from general County funds over a seven-year period beginning after any specified requirements for investments and job creation have been satisfied. The County believes this project will help stimulate the local economy, result in new taxable capital investments in real and personal property, and the creation by the company of a substantial number of new, permanent jobs in the County. The Board of Commissioners will solicit public comment on the proposed incentives at the public hearing.”

Johnston County Economic Development Director Chris Johnson told Johnston County Report this afternoon, “Unfortunately, due to client confidentiality, I am not able to speak in any detail about this exciting opportunity. I will say that anytime any business or industry considers creating great paying jobs for our citizens and investing in our County, speaks to Johnston County’s probusiness leadership and our strong growth potential.”


  1. Love how we don’t get to know what the company is. And let’s be honest, the board has made up their mind. This is just a formality.

  2. Why is the government involved in picking winners and losers? Let economic development occur naturally, based on actual business needs and environment! Our County Commissioners are steering us down the path of Socialism, letting the government pick businesses!

  3. Why do we have to pay companies to come to our county? I am totally against that. They should want to come here and sell us, the residents on why we would want them.

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