Father Pleads Guilty To Charge In Accidental Shooting Death Of 2 Year-Old

Photo by John Payne

BENSON – The father of a two year-old child killed while playing with a loaded handgun pleaded guilty Thursday. Warren Tyler Oser pleaded guilty to Failure to Store Firearms to Protect a Minor, a misdemeanor. He was placed on supervised probation and ordered to perform community service acts that promote gun safety around minors.

Mr. Oser was charged with the crime after his son Warren “Bennett” Oser suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head at their W. Watson Road, Benson residence on October 16, 2022. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office investigation found that three firearms with no safety mechanisms engaged were left unattended in Mr. Oser’s truck.

Bennett gained access to one of the firearms, a 40-caliber Smith & Wesson, while his father was nearby repairing a lawnmower. The Osers immediately called 911 and cooperated with law enforcement. Bennet died later that evening at Johnston Health Clayton.

During Thursday’s hearing, Assistant District Attorney Jason Waller told the Court this tragic situation required the District Attorney’s Office to balance sympathy for the loss of a beloved son against the need to promote gun safety and responsibility, especially around minors, in Johnston County. Waller said the District Attorney’s Office hopes this case will help prevent other senseless child deaths by serving as a reminder that gun owners have a lawful duty to secure weapons around children.


  1. I’m sorry for this father’s loss. But his child should be alive today except for this gun owners stupidity. Being stupid should not be a reason that you get probation, this father should serve jail time for the death of his child.

    • Wholeheartedly agree. Leaving a fully loaded weapon in an unlocked vehicle is criminally negligent.

      The only reason they’re letting him off easy is because it was his own child. What if it was someone else’s child or the gun was stolen from the vehicle?

      This irresponsible fool deserves jail time

    • Explain how a respected father leaves a loaded gun in reach of 2 year old?

      Tyler is an awful person and his dead child kind of proves how terrible a father he was.

      • You don’t know this family or the situation only what you are hearing from the news and online. I know this family very personally and there is no punishment that compares to the grief he feels every day and will feel the rest of his life. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking this man that you don’t even know for a mistake he will carry for the rest of his life.

      • He threw his self without any defense to the mercy of the court. He could had made excuses for why this happened and he should have not been charged. There was no one standing there for judgment other than him. I believed he had no other choice but to do what he did if he was to show any honor to his son. He in my opinion has shown his true essence of a human being. He has received his judgment from those that only count.

        • “true essence of a human being”?!?! Are you kidding me? He is an irresponsible gun owner who couldn’t protect his son from his own stupidity. If you don’t know how to store and secure your weapon, then you don’t deserve to have one. He should be stripped of his 2A right. People like him are what give gun ownership a bad reputation!

      • And you are a disgusting human being by passing judgement on someone you do not know. You must be a perfect human who never made any mistakes in your life… have the day you deserve..

        • I’m a person who would never consider leaving 1 loaded gun unsecured (let alone 3 like Tyler).

          I do personally know him. I am so disgusted by his irresponsible actions that fully intend to never speak to him again.

          This wasn’t a mistake. A mistake is leaving the milk out on the counter. This was criminally negligent irresponsible behavior.

          I hope this serves as an advertisement for gun safes and responsible gun storage.

          Tyler Oser deserves jail time. Once again the justice system has failed us.

          • You don’t even know the story. You don’t know that Tyler wasn’t watching him. I am assuming you aren’t going to care or ask since “I have no plans of ever talking to him again” pretty ballsy to hide behind some comments. Why not tell him yourself? This was literally a freak accident. Thats why he got the charges he did.

  2. so sad but his punishment of not having his child alive will be lifelong and heart wrenching for ever. I’m glad the justice system had a heart in their sentencing.

    • Not to any person who uses any semblance of gun safety or common sense.

      Ah yes, let me just leave my loaded gun with safety off in reach of the two year old I’m not paying attention to.

  3. Johnston county full of crooks..if this man would have been of a different color, things would have been different. I understand he lost his child but prison time should still be enforced

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