Holt Lake Gas & Grill Will Close Grill Operations

Holt Lake Gas & Grill. May 2020 File Photo

FOUR OAKS – The owner of Holt Lake Gas & Grill announced Thursday his grill operations will close on December 24, 2021. The announcement was made by Tony Braswell, the business owner and operator.

“In a letter to employees Tuesday, I informed all employees that our grill operation would close effective December 24th,” Mr. Braswell said today. “This closure may be temporary or permanent depending on several factors.”

“Currently we are under staff and the available workforce has to improve in the future. We have been unsuccessful in recruiting new employees for the past several months, Also, we have some fire safety issues that must be addressed in the kitchen. These repairs will require closure for a period of time.”

“I want to thank the employees, some that have been with me for years, for their dedication and hard work while working short staffed, many pulling double shifts. It has been an honor for us to serve our customers in our community for the past five years with great service and great food,” Mr. Braswell said.

The closure of the grill will not affect convenience store operations that will continue as usual.

The business is located at 4056 US Highway 301, just south of Holt’s Lake.

In May 2020, Mr. Braswell closed the grill due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, it later reopened when restrictions were eased.


  1. Another small business death due to Covid and the government. It is awful what is happening to the small businesses due to covid and it’s fallout. The government gets happy with each closure as it’s more people utilizing the big box stores and more in unemployment relying on the government to live. Socialist America is coming quickly if we don’t stand up and fight!

  2. Well I would hope they weren’t trying to recruit people to work at a place of business with fire safety issues. That has nothing to do with politics.

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