JCPS Administrator Defends 17 Percent Pay Increase

Johnston County Public Schools Chief of Facilities and Construction Brooks Moore is defending a 17.38% pay increase he received from the Johnston County Public School Board.  On Monday, Johnston County Report published a story about a late night vote by the Johnston County School Board. The story focused on the lack of transparency in the vote.

The school board approved 6-to-1 the $16,292 pay increase on Jan. 12th increasing his salary from $93,708 to $110,000. He will also be reimbursed for travel.  Moore had been a Construction Officer with JCPS. He assumed new duties with the title and added compensation.

We attempted to reach Mr. Moore prior to the publication of our story Monday. He responded to us after the article had published.  Moore claimed the article was “untruthful” and said even with the salary increase, JCPS was actually paying him less than others who hold similar roles in Johnston County.

Brooks Moore. JCPS Photo

“I would first like to thank Dr. Bracy for his confidence in me and the School Board and the value (they place in me).  I am excited about this opportunity as I assume the additional duties of Facility Services stemming from the resignation of Mr. Billy Massengill, former facility services officer, and also assuming a portion of the cabinet duties of Dolores Gill,  as Chief of Facilities and Construction. I look forward to the opportunity to lead such a vital department of Johnston County Schools and their many challenges that we face with older facilities but with the need for new facilities as we accommodate the unprecedented growth in Johnston County that we are faced with.”

“I think it shows the value that I provide…”
Moore defended the 17.38% pay increase saying, “I think it shows the value that I provide to the school system and it better aligns me with what other County and other state folks in a similar role of mine make, such as (the) Johnston County Public Utility Director and (the) Town of Clayton. Some towns make more than me. The county person makes more than me. It is a step in the right direction and it eliminates one officer position and a portion of another chief position that is retiring, so overall there is greatly a new savings of salary.”

Moore, who has been employed by JCPS since June 2017, will directly oversee three people and altogether 92 people in three departments. (See Organizational Chart)

Moore’s salary of $110,000 does fall below that of Johnston County Public Utilities Director Chandra Farmer who makes $122,193.84 annually.  Mrs. Farmer has been Director of Public Utilities since 2013 and a County employee since 2003. She oversees 91 employees.

Mr. Moore also referenced Clayton’s Public Services Director Richard Cappola. Cappola makes an annual salary of $135,348. He oversees a $23 million water and sewer budget, a $9 million general fund budget for streets and stormwater, an $11 million capital improvement program, and a $120 million new wastewater program.  He also serves as a deputy town manager and oversees Clayton’s information technology system, thus making it difficult to make a direct comparison to Mr. Moore’s responsibilities.

“I just don’t think it is fair.”
Mr. Moore also questioned how we knew the 6-to-1 vote was in fact about him.  “I just don’t think it is fair. There were two other personnel moves done that night. Who says this one was for mine? It could have been for Dr. Nicholas King. And the personnel moves have always been done in closed session and voted on in open session then publicly posted on the agenda, but I like how the one, particularly about me, had this traditional stuff about the process.”

During our research for the Feb. 8th article, Johnston County Report confirmed the 6-1 vote was about Mr. Moore in an email sent to us from Nathaniel Shelton, Executive Director of Communication. Shelton wrote, “…the board voted 6-to-1 to name Brooks Moore Chief of Facilities and Construction for Johnston County Public Schools. I have requested a copy of his resume, start date, contract-term, salary, etc., and will share that information as soon as I receive it.”  Mr. Shelton did provide those details as promised in follow up emails.

New Cabinet Member Will Be Paid $125,000 
Dr. Nicholas King was hired by the JCPS board in January. He will begin his duties Feb. 15, 2021 as Chief Academic Officer replacing Deputy Superintendent Dr. Paula Coates who is retiring.

Dr. King will be paid $125,000 per year plus travel, a 6.5% increase over Dr. Coates last published salary of $117,288.