Johnston County Ends Solid Waste Decal Requirements

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Starting July 1st, Johnston County residents will no longer need to purchase or display decals to dispose of their household garbage at any of the 12 Convenience Center sites. This change is part of ongoing efforts to simplify waste disposal and provide better access to the County’s Solid Waste Convenience Centers. 

The decision to end the decal program was made by the Board of Commissioners to better serve the community, making it easier for all residents to dispose of household waste properly.

The move will also help ensure that more household garbage reaches the landfill, reducing the likelihood of illegal dumping and keeping our roadsides cleaner. The Johnston County Landfill operations will remain unchanged, continuing to provide essential services under the current set of rules and regulations.

The County’s recycling program will continue to be available to all residents at no charge. Everyone is encouraged to make use of the recycling services at the Solid Waste Convenience Center Sites to help protect our environment and reduce waste.


  1. I like it. Bought a decal once, decided it wasnt worth it since i only took a couple loads in a whole year. Now i don’t have to dump it in the river anymore.

    • It just goes to show even when the govt provides a necessary, low cost, efficient service someone will find a way to whine

  2. I’m hoping that this will help with the daily issue of drivers throwing trash on the road and in our yard every single day!!!!!! But then again these are people in cars just tossing out fast food containers and empty beer bottles and cans!!!!! Not exactly responsible! 😩

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