NCDOT Road Additions – November 2022

At their November meeting, Johnston County Commissioners approved a request from the NC Department of Transportation to add the following roads to the State Maintained System:

  • Goodwin Chase Lane (SR 3516 extension), S. Titus Lane, and N. Titus Lane – Goodwin Chase – Phase 4 – Wilders Township
  • Lure Lane – Harden Creek – Wilders Township
  • Vinson Park Drive – Vinson Park – Wilders Township


  1. NC DOT can’t even maintain the roads they already have!
    – Revenue down 6.4%
    – Expenses up 26.5%
    – Projects running an average of 11months behind schedule

    It is time to get the government OUT of the road business and let private industry handle things. All state-owned roads should be sold to the highest bidder, and let them charge tolls and take care of the maintenance

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