Pair Arrested During Traffic Stop

Two Angier residents were arrested on felony drug charges during a routine traffic stop by a patrol deputy with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

At 8:37pm Sunday, March 7th, the office stopped a Honda Civic on Cornwallis Road off Cleveland Road. During the traffic stop suspected methamphetamine was allegedly found in the pockets of both occupants in the vehicle. A small amount of marijuana was also located in the car.

The driver, Jennifer Leanna Forgione, 32, and the passenger, Christopher Lee Forgione, 41, both of West Road, Angier were both charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Both suspects were later released on $5,000 secured bonds.


  1. What person was harmed by these people having this drugs? None. Then no crime was committed. The “war on drugs” needs to end. It’s a massive failure. No victim, no crime.

    • All the people having their catalytic converters cut off their vehicles and homes broken into would beg to differ. How else do they finance their drug habits? Not many are able to stay gainfully employed while doing meth and crack. Why don’t you start a business and hire only meth heads and see how that works out?

      • Stealing is an actual crime and must be punished no matter what the reason. But the person smoking weed in their house not disturbing anyone is not a criminal. Learn the difference.

    • Dear Micheal…The children that are being neglected and feel that quote, unquote..”no one loves them” because their not getting the attention they need because their parents are stoned, in jail, unemployed or unable to provide for them.

  2. Anyone that doesn’t admit that illegal drugs, which is a crime, causes the addict to commit more crimes, ruins families (especially children’s lives) that could result in death (of themselves or someone else) is only using the last few brain cells, that haven’t already been destroyed by drugs.

    • Yes. The expensive war on drugs that has been going on for decades ruining lives and costing taxpayers millions has done such a great job keeping drugs off the streets.

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