Police Identify 81 Year-Old Woman Fatally Struck By Train

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BENSON – Benson Police have identified an elderly woman struck and killed by an Amtrak train. The collision was reported at 3:42pm Monday at the Main Street railroad crossing.

Police said the victim, 81 year-old Alice Anne Barefoot of North Augusta Avenue, Benson, walked into the path of the train. Police determined there may have been some underlying health issues involved and do not believe she intentionally walked into the path of the train.

Johnston County Report Photo

Police Chief Greg Percy said all indications point to Monday’s incident as a tragic accident.

A witness to the accident said she was sitting in her car and heard the train coming. The train blew its horn several times. At the same time the victim was walking down West Main Street and began crossing the tracks just as the train came through the crossing.


  1. So that person sitting in her car and watched this elderly woman walked onto the train track and did nothing. When she got to the train rail you should of stopped her.

    • The person in the car probably thought the victim was gonna stop any second. How much time could have lapsed between when a normal person would stop and she took the last few fatal steps — 3-5 seconds??? How dang fast can you react and get out of your car several feet away and get to someone in time…..

    • oh whatever. for all we know she was 50 yards from the elderly lady and only noticed her at the last second. good grief try thinking for once.

  2. If she didn’t hear the train, how was she suppose to hear someone telling her to stop. Prayers for this family and for the person who witness such a tragedy.

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