Poll: North Carolinians Blames Biden For Rising Prices

71% of North Carolinians believe the country is on the wrong track; want Congress to focus on the economy and inflation

RALEIGH – A new poll conducted by Echelon Insights and released by NetChoice, a trade association committed to making the internet safe for free enterprise and free expression, found that North Carolina voters blame President Biden for soaring inflation, currently at a staggering 9.1%, and are worried that antitrust proposals like Sen. Klobuchar’s S. 2992, which is backed by President Biden, will continue to raise prices even further.

“North Carolina voters want Congress – especially Sens. Burr and Tillis to prioritize inflation and economic instability, not Beltway-born antitrust proposals that could raise prices,” said Steve DelBianco, President & CEO of NetChoice. “71% of North Carolina voters thinks our country is heading in the wrong direction, and 61% say Congress should focus on fixing the economy — the last thing Congress should be doing is spending time on legislation that only 1% of the population nationally sees as a priority.”

Nationally, the poll revealed 85% of Americans said they are at least somewhat concerned about tech antitrust proposals increasing prices and that 40% of GOP-leaning voters and 37% of Democrat-leaning voters said they are “extremely concerned” about such proposals making inflation worse.

Additional North Carolina voter highlights from the Echelon Insights poll include:

  1. 61% of North Carolina say the economy and inflation are the biggest issues facing the nation followed by gun control (21%), immigration (18%), crime and public safety (16%), and healthcare (11%).
  2. 66% of North Carolina are concerned proposals to regulate tech will make inflation worse. 61% are concerned new regulations will make it easier for politicians to pressure tech to serve their political interests. 65% are concerned about regulations making tech harder to use.
  3. Regulating the tech industry is the lowest policy priority for American voters today – less than 1% of Americans responded that they think the government should prioritize regulating tech, which is less than the margin of error.
  4. When asked specifically about priorities for tech, only 12% of North Carolina said that antitrust is priority for them on tech – 39% want privacy and security online, and 25% see content moderation as the most important.
  5. Voters trust the free market 64% more than the government 17% to come up with solutions for improving competition. 76% of Republicans trust the free market, rather than the government, to improve competition in tech.
  6. 79% say Congress should learn more about tech companies before trying to regulate them.
  7. 64% of Republicans in the state think that new regulations on the tech industry should be applied to all companies regardless of size, and 54% say it’s unfair for the government to treat larger firms differently than smaller firms.

The poll was conducted between June 17-24, 2022 among 9,227 U.S. registered voters: a national sample of 2,031 plus 530 additional interviews in Alabama, 260 in Alaska, 724 in Arizona, 419 in Arkansas, 957 in Florida, 641 in Indiana, 420 in Kansas, 534 in Louisiana, 379 in Montana, 443 in Mississippi, 877 in North Carolina, 249 in North Dakota, 396 in South Dakota, and 975 in Texas. The interviews were conducted online, and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on gender, educational attainment, age, race, and region. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points.


  1. The people are waking up to the corruption in government and no longer trust the government to look out for us, the little guy! Those in office are supposed to be public servants and represent us, they are our employees and they need to wake up to that fact. Only elect those who truly believe and act as though they are there to represent you not themselves, big pharma, big biz or anyone else.

  2. Kristen Soltis Anderson, Partner and Co-Founder at Echelon Insights is a Republican pollster.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristen_Soltis_Anderson

    Patrick Ruffini is a Republican Party pollster and political strategist. From 2005 to 2007, Ruffini served as eCampaign Director at the Republican National Committee. In 2008, he co-founded The Next Right, a forum for the youth conservative movement.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Ruffini#cite_note-Telegraph-Ruffini-2

      • My point is that this poll was biased. The company that conducted the poll was founded and run by Republicans.

        • The poll is spot on. If you can’t see what Biden and this admin are doing to this country I feel sorry for you. There is not one thing positive about this administration. Just look at the actual facts.

    • How can it be his fault? Biden doesn’t even know what day it is or which imaginary hand to shake. Poor guy is entering a major depression because his sense of smell has left him and his last joy in life, sniffing little girls hair, has been cruelly taken from him. How about we all give the old senile pervert a break….

  3. This is what I don’t understand…… “61% say Congress should focus on fixing the economy” and yet “voters trust the free market 64% more than the government 17%.” You can’t have it both ways snowflakes! Prices are/should be the result of the market — not government. True conservatives know this truth.

    • Our energy crisis issue boils down to the need to extract oil from federal lands. There’s a few solutions: 1. Biden could approve the permits, which he isn’t going to do because he already came out and said that he’s purposely driving up the price of gas because of his climate agenda. 2. Feds could sell the lands to private parties, giving the ability for oil companies to buy the land. They’re not going to do that either, because that would mean giving up control and leverage of a very limited natural resource.

      But nope, the intentional and deliberate destruction of the oil industry in America plows onward with no sign of stopping under this current administration. Him selling our RESERVES to China was such an abhorrent act I am simply surprised his approval rating is above ground.

      • “Destruction of the oil industry”?!?!?! Are you looking at the same companies I am? Exxon posted a $5.5Billion profit (more than 2x last year).Chevron, Shell, and others posted all-time high profits last quarter. I guess your definition of “destruction” is different than mine! As a shareholder of these (and other) energy-sector companies, I’d suggest that this is capitalism working as-designed. We’re all getting rich!

  4. It’s not about blame, it’s about accountability. Dems anti gas, foreign support and raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars has caused this mess we are in. But of course they want to blame Putin and arm Zelensky ( who b.o and Biden put in office). This is why they want the war in Ukraine, as long as it keeps going they have a scapegoat for their failed policies and lunatic liberal philosophy.

  5. First of all the president does not regulate gas prices. Secondly given the lack of education in the NC public schools and the D- minus given to the “Shared Parenting/Family Law” system in NC, y’all should focus on how to keep criminals from postilions of power. That includes law enforcement and politicians.

      • Kinda like trump did when there was a lock down and no one was using gas therefore demand was low so omg duh price went down

        • There we have it. Liberals idiots can’t post anything without mentioning Trump. Trump isn’t President and 1 year into the pandemic with people back to work gas was at 1.75. Not so much with Biden. More people died under Biden of Coronavirus and Gas almost tripled under Bidens policies. What I wouldn’t give for some mean tweets.

  6. I know this; if everything happened exactly the same but Trump or any republican was in office the baby killing dems would be going nuts. If you are a dem and don’t agree you are lying to yourself.

    • Lol baby killing dems no you republitsrds kill children in schools with your inbred gun loving laws but omg don’t hurt a organism without a heart beat

      • More children have been killed at the hands of a “doctor” and his suction machine than any gun ever will. I also see you didn’t respond to the point. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

      • Over 700k abortions a year. 700,000 baby murders every year and you libtards are protesting and crying over the right to kill babies. You should be so proud.

  7. It’s simply amazing how Ignorance is so pervasive here.
    Biden has nothing to do with oil prices.
    Can’t you understand that he, or any administration would like nothing better than to take credit
    for bringing down prices of ‘anything’….
    This is a global problem.
    Not just here.
    Folks, educate yourselves, and stop assuming you know it all.
    This is a complex world.
    Ignorance is destroying our Democracy.

  8. Because these republicans don’t have the brains to realize Biden has inherited all the corruption the last fool left behind. They are also too brain dead to realize inflation is a global problem and not just American. Use your brains people and stop following your great great great crap politics and think for yourself.

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