Rouzer Statement On Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) released the following statement after President Biden’s remarks regarding Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban:

“I am saddened that President Biden doubled-down on his decision in his remarks yesterday. We handed the Taliban the win and have only emboldened China, Russia and Iran. While I hope that I am wrong, this action will lead to far more deaths and spent American treasure in the future.

“I am not — and have never been — a supporter of withdrawing all of the troops who were in Afghanistan providing air and intelligence support to the Afghan fighters because of their importance to collecting the human intelligence necessary to keep America safe and the very important and strategic airbase built there, which provided us better capabilities to deal with threats from that region.

“As we continue to watch heartbreaking images from Kabul, this Administration must first and foremost ensure the safe evacuation of US embassy staff, diplomats, American citizens, and our Afghan civilian allies in harm’s way. Given the current state of affairs, this is going to be an extremely difficult task.”


  1. Oh how Mr. Rouzer changes the narrative to benefit himself. It seems like The normal process for Republican’s today. Maybe Mr Rouzer has a bout of convenient Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently he doesn’t remember that Trump wanted to pull US troops from Afghanistan by May 1st, and that it was Trump that negotiated a peace deal and troop withdrawal with the Taliban. This whole Afghan debacle has 20 years of responsibility in the US government and cannot be blamed on one administration or one person but it’s convenient for the deniers in the Republican party to blame somebody else even though they had their hand in the Afghanistan war from the beginning. Lie and deny is the new Republican party way. It’s disgusting that are elected officials cannot take responsibility for anything because all they care about is getting reelected. Vote them all out and vote in term limits.

  2. I’d care a lot more if I believed Mr. Rouzer actually had any ideals at all. But in this case it’s just glaringly obvious that this is another example of his relentless partisanship. This withdrawal plan has spanned two administrations and was planned and negotiated between the previous administration and the Taliban. I’m not surprised we didn’t hear from David Rouzer when the former President wanted to hold those “peace talks” at Camp David with the Taliban terrorists.

    I’d like to invite my fellow constituents to please vote for someone who isn’t a party shill in our next GOP primaries. David Rouzer has been in Washington for the better part of 30 years and has not a SINGLE THING to show the taxpayers of NC for it. He’s just there to vote how the party tells him to. If the Johnston County GOP spent more time finding good candidates that stand on principle to represent us, and less time hocking Trump Merch, maybe we wouldn’t have such a disappointing ticket EVERY SINGLE primary. Doesn’t take rigging an election to lose when you’re this good at it.

  3. I bet anyone that says Basement Dummy did a good job on this one doesnt have the gall to walk up to an Afghan veteran or current soldier and tell them what they think. It is nothing more than hating the big bad orange man is more important to them than the feelings of the men and women who serve to protect them. So sad.

    • Jimmy, I give my full support for all who served, served and lost their life’s in Afghanistan. My issue is with those elected officials who put these wonderful service member in harm’s way just to use them as pawns to get reelected for their own greed. Our service members should never be exploited for someone’s political gain. And most of those politicians have never even served in our armed forces.

  4. Agree Afghan complete cluster F. 20 years, 2 trillion and 2500 soldiers and zero to show for it. And Biden completely screwed up on the withdrawl. Should have had plan to keep airport secure – crazy. At this point – let’s plan not to spill any more US blood. And yeah – both sides to blame – GOP and Dem. Just depends on what day it is and both parties will point fingers at the other but both suck and responsible for the mess.

  5. So Mr. Rouzer is in disagreement with the withdrawal plan that was set in motion by President Trump when the Doha Agreement was signed.

    A few quotations by Mr. Trump:

    “I started the process, all the troops are coming home.”


    [Leaving Afghanistan is] “a wonderful and positive thing to do … we should keep as close to May 1st as possible.”

  6. Republican and Democratic politicians are deep down all the same. My condolences to the families of the 6000 plus US Military/US Civilian contractors who lost their life in Afghanistan.

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