School Board Removes Stipulations Around Optional Face Coverings

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Board of Education voted to move to an optional face covering setting beginning Feb. 21 for all students, staff, and guests without any stipulations.

The vote happened during a virtual Special Session Meeting on Monday afternoon. The vote included that students and staff will continue to be required to wear face coverings on all JCPS transportation, as is required by current federal regulations.

At their February 8th Regular Session Meeting, the Johnston County Board of Education voted 6-to-1 to transition to optional face coverings for all students, staff, and guests beginning Feb. 21 using a 4 percent exclusion rate.

The Board held a Special Session Meeting Monday following the release of the updated Strong Schools NC Toolkit on Feb. 10.

The update to the Toolkit allows schools to end contact tracing, and no longer requires students or staff members who were a close contact to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 to quarantine. This change also goes into effect on Feb. 21.

Individuals who test positive must quarantine for five days and continue to wear a mask for five additional days after their quarantine period ends. Individuals unable or unwilling to wear a face covering for the additional five days will need to remain home.


  1. So COVID magically attacks when in school buses now? Give me a break. Just end the da*n mandates for everything. It’s already been proven they don’t work.

  2. They have not had masks on in the cafeteria for several months now where they sit shoulder to shoulder talking , laughing and socializing which they should be. If there was no outbreak then, masks should not be required anywhere. Forcing a child to wear a mask in fear is abuse.

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