Driver Cited Following US 70 Crash

Photo by John Payne

SELMA – A young driver crashed his GMC Yukon SUV into a westbound US 70 guardrail near Buffalo Road, Sunday morning.

The vehicle veered off the road to the right then was sent back across the travel lanes before slamming into the guardrail. The SUV skidded to a stop, ending up facing the wrong direction and blocking both westbound lanes. The driver was uninjured in the 8:30 am accident.

Photo by John Payne

The Selma Fire Department and State Highway Patrol responded to the accident.

The driver was cited for failure to maintain lane control.

Photo by John Payne


  1. Because he couldn’t SEE the lane!!
    I thought they had been banned for those ridiculous looking things?!?!

    • When has something being illegal ever stopped anyone from doing it? Even if they are cited it takes a long time to go through the courts unless they plead guilty and just pay the fine, they have three times till the license gets suspended and even that won’t stop them from driving or having a stupid looking vehicle.

  2. Are you trying to tell me that jacking a Yukon way up in the air on cheap tires, wheels and suspension parts could possibly make it dangerous to drive? Who would have thought that?

  3. Of course unsafe. Don’t hear much here about how dangerous these jacked up trucks are to other drivers on the road. Their front bumper goes way over the top of other bumpers and the internal horizontal door reinforcements. All to look “cool”.

  4. And this is why The Carolina Squat was banned and illegal…sorry but can’t feel compassion for someone driving illegal and causing damage. That guardrail will cost him so money as well as his ticket. Hard lesson to learn. Oh the insurance may not pay for the damage either depending on insurance company because it was JACKED UP! WOW some folks don’t learn….SMH

  5. I’m the owner. I drove a leveled Yukon on 2 inch torsion keys which leveled my truck out and had never been squatted. Maybe if you actually took the time to look at the pictures you would’ve seen my rear axel had snapped and that is the reason it was so low to the ground. What has happened to this world to where people just jump to conclusions and are straight up rude. Maybe the next time you put a comment on post you should consider being a little more considerate. Have a nice day.

    • Great example of the ignorance the comment section shows 99% of the time. The majority of joco news viewers are looking for news not the publics comment on every article. Glad you were not injured and good luck on fixing your ride.

    • This is a good lesson in jumping to conclusions. I have to give them a shred of credit, the pics don’t help to show the axle being broken, so someone who isn’t mechanically inclined probably wouldn’t notice. A county long associated with friendly people seems awful quick to jump on the bandwagon…

  6. I’m the owner. I drove a leveled Yukon with 2 inch torsion keys which leveled my truck out and never squatted it. If yall would’ve taken the time to look at the pictures you would’ve noticed my rear axle snapped and that is why it was sitting so low to the ground in the pictures. What has happened to this world where everyone jumps to conclusions and straight up rude. Before the next time you comment on something do a little more research and be more considerate. Have a nice day.

  7. A I thought the same thing until I saw the picture of the rear of the vehicle with the tire and rim missing. Also the front tire was under the front rim causing it to sit even higher in the front.

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