Injuries Reported In Wreck At 4-Way Stop Intersection

Photo by John Payne

SELMA – Four children and one adult sustained injuries in a two vehicle accident Saturday afternoon. The collision was reported at Highway 39 and Old Beulah Road. The intersection is a 4-way stop.

Photo by John Payne

The five individuals who were hurt were transported by EMS to a local hospital. None of the injuries were serious.

Photo by John Payne

The State Highway Patrol is investigating the collision.


  1. Y’all better watch out, they’ll be turning that intersection into an idiotic roundabout. Drive safe and pay attention!

    • Roundabouts waste less time than 4-way stops, but they cost more money and people crash in those, too. What they will do is put a light there, which still won’t stop the accidents. Texting while driving should be the same penalties as DUI, it’s just as dangerous. Don’t do it, pull over!

      • @Al: Try again… Studies from yhe IIHS and Federal Highway Administration shoq that although roundabouts cost ~15% upfront, after 7 years the costs are equal (due to the signals ongoing maintenance costs. Additionally roundabouts provide 37% reduction in accidents, 75% reduction in injuries, a 90% reduction in fatalities, and a 40% reduction in crashes with pedestrians. But hey, keep complaining and making false claims. #FactsMatter

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