JCPS Hires Engineer Of Energy Management

Weston Hockaday was named Engineer of Energy Management for Johnston County Public Schools.

Hockaday was voted into this position at the May 11th Johnston County Board of Education meeting.

Weston Hockaday

Hockaday, a Benson native, is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He brings more than ten years of experience to the position having served as a consulting professional engineer with Dewberry Engineers, Inc., the Director of Central Engineering for North Carolina State University, and most recently as the Interim Director of the Energy Management department for North Carolina State University.

“We look forward to Mr. Hockaday bringing his knowledge and vast experience to our district,” said Chief of Facilities and Construction Brooks Moore.

Hockaday will work closely with Moore to develop and implement an effective and sustainable energy management program for the school district.

“His expertise is perfect for this new role,” said Moore. “It is our expectation that Mr. Hockaday will work to provide our district hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings every year.”

JCPS formally contracted with Cenergistics, an energy management company, for this type of work. With Hockaday’s hiring, the district is able to perform this work in-house and will save more than $700,000 annually.

In his new role, Hockaday will also oversee the HVAC and Refrigeration departments of Facility Services, assist with capital improvements, and new construction projects. He will help to promote and ensure effective budgeting, planning, project management, staff development, and preventative maintenance.

Hockaday’s background includes extensive knowledge and experience with all types of mechanical systems, including chillers, cooling towers, steam, fuel, and gas boilers, air handlers, pumps, fans, coils, humidifiers, UV lights, filtration, direct digital controls, water and sewer systems, sprinklers, and domestic water heaters. He is also able to oversee electrical, life safety, and architectural needs as well.

“I believe my work experience, technical knowledge, leadership, communication, and time management skills will make a wonderful addition to Johnston County Public Schools,” said Hockaday. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve this district.”

Mr. Hockaday’s salary is $93,000 per year plus a $53 per month phone stipend.


  1. Make no mistake Johnston County Tax Payers this move in hiring Mr. Hockaday will be in another vote by the school board to increase his salary later on is a in your face attitude directed at not only the Johnston County Tax Payers but directed at the miserable lack of leadership form our Johnston County Commissioners too. JCPS are out right saying we are spending every dam penny we can and your going to haul in the same amount money next year with double digit increase too. I would like anyone that is defending how this free money is spent, defend why the financial detail books for the JCPS is off limit to be looked at by the public?

  2. Do any of you Johnston County Tax Payers feel insulted in being asked to believe that hiring Mr. Hockaday for $97,000.00 a year is going to save us $700,000.00 a year in energy management? I do enjoy making analogies so I am sure that Mr. Hockaday is going to save us money the same way as the analogy I made of the commissioners below.

    Do you know what one Johnston County Commissioner yelled out of the dump truck window to the other Johnston County Commissioner that was dumping his load of millions of tax dollars at the Johnston County School Board in Smithfield? HEY MR. CHAIRMAN I WANT TO MAKE A MOTION THAT WE GET BIGGER DUMP TRUCKS TO DO THIS WITH, IT WILL PAY FOR IT SELF IN THE END DON’T YOU THINK!!!!

  3. How about instead of bashing, let’s congratulate him on obtaining this job. He has worked very hard and I believe he deserves it. I know he only has the best intentions to help our county and I for one am so happy to see an old friend make it in this crazy world. WAY TO GO WESTON!!!

  4. Olivia, I have no ill will towards Mr. Hockady just only at these wasteful Johnston County Commissioners and School Board members. I am sure Mr. Hockaday and Mr. Brooks Moore are well educated enough to operate the thermostats across our County. At least the thermostat man will be a citizen that works in our county this time. It is interesting Mr. Moore is from Princeton and Mr. Hockaday is from Benson. Is there anyone one out there like to tie the politics into who is related to who here? Oh and Tax Payers I have posted below another old news story showing how your Tax Dollars are worthless and just free money. Keep them dump trucks coming to Hwy 70 business east boys!

  5. Folks, let me clean up what I meant when I said could anyone chime in on the politics of Mr. Moore being from Princeton and Mr. Hockaday being from Benson. My theory is, could it be possible maybe a school board member wanted his man in from Princeton and a commissioner wanted his man in from Benson? Folks, I don’t know how all this politics works but that could be a fine example of how our County Commissioners and our County School Board does indeed work together a lot better than any of us thought. Matter of a fact that even looks and sounds like bi-partisan ship at it best. I know it just a theory, but does anyone know if it does work this way? Please, can anyone comment and explain this to me. I am not sure if the districts are even drawn out that way?

    • As always, your comments are idiotic. Maybe you’re so upset because you never were able to grasp grammar in grade school. Your failure shows in all your comments.

      • Hee Hee Hee, oh Doc I can still recognize when I hit a nerve. My grammar ant going anywhere, it here to remind you I am a product of the JCPS. Doc look at it this way, if I hadn’t demonstrated bad grammar then what would had drawn out your condescending superiority and showed your true essence of a human being? Thanks for the reply, really thanks.

  6. Is the present Johnston County School Board Chairman just a proxy chairman of the past chairman? Folks, I am just asking questions and I hope none of this looks suspicious and I am sure all of this is on the up and up. Hey boys keep them dump trucks heading to Smithfield, hey big man can I hold a dollar?

  7. Terry,

    You’ve got Benson to a tea! If you ain’t from here, know the right folk, or are related to someone in charge you ain’t getting in. It’s very hush hush, very backwoods, and like Reba said the judge in the towns got bloodstains on his hands. Not meaning the judge is a murderer, rather that these good ole boys (and girls) are cleaning house and using the school system and “energy management” to wash their money. But here’s the thing, it will continue to happen because no one is trying to put a stop to it and they know. I’m sure Weston probably does deserve this type of job he seems more than qualified, which is why I cannot understand energy management.
    Not to come off mocking, but to mock are people not having a hard time turning lights off? What exactly are the details of the energy he’s going to manage? $97k is a bit excessive for this type of position…I’m an engineer myself and I have tried to make sense of what a mechanical
    Engineer would be doing in an energy conservation role, that would seem to be more on the industrial side. I’m going to beat this next horse too…just like the school board members who sit on their rears making dumb decisions with 6 figure salaries and raises while our teachers can’t even get a half cent raise. Johnston County is crooked and it’s showing.

  8. Hey, just a question so I know. Where were these jobs posted at? Was the positions created with the candidate previously hired? Inquiry minds wants to know?

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