Police: Store Clerk Stole $4 Energy Drink And $5 Cash  

SMITHFIELD – A Smithfield convenience store clerk has been arrested on two felony charges after he allegedly stole a Red Bull energy drink and later took $5 from a register.

Michael Lewis Scott-Lacson, 31, of Crystal Boulevard, Selma was arrested August 19th by Smithfield Police and charged with embezzlement and larceny by an employee.  Police said Scott-Lacson was an employee at the Speedway at 1669 E. Market Street at the time of the incidents.

Police said Scott-Lacson allegedly stole the $4.14 energy drink on Aug. 14th. The following day, Aug 15th, while at work he reportedly stole five dollars from the register. Both alleged thefts were captured on store security cameras.

Scott-Lacson was given a $5,000 bond at the Johnston County Jail.