Authorities Searching For Burglary Suspect Posing As Worker

BENSON – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a burglary suspect who appears to be posing as a worker. On Monday, August 16th just before 7:00am, home security video captured the suspect park in front of a residence in the 9800 block of Highway 96 South.

The suspect parked the work truck, turned on the four-way flashers, and placed traffic cones at the front and rear of the truck to appear as if he was working in the area. The suspect then allegedly breaks into the back door of the home.

After the security alarm sounds, the suspect is shown running from behind the home, putting the traffic cones back in the truck, and quickly leaving the area.

The truck is believed to be an early-2000’s model Chevrolet or GMC. Authorities said due to the exhaust smoke coming from the truck it is likely has a diesel engine.

Anyone who recognizes the vehicle is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office at 919-989-5000.