Dangerous Highway 301 Intersection To Become All-Way Stop

MICRO – At the request of the Town of Micro, the NC Department of Transportation will be converting a dangerous intersection to an all-way stop.

A Johnston County school bus and passenger car collided in January 2022 on Highway 301 at Pittman Road. The bus then struck a fire hydrant. Photo by John Payne

Highway 301 and Pittman Road has been the location of 31 crashes in the last 10 years, including a fatal wreck in April 2021. In January 2022, a Johnston County Public School bus and passenger car collided at the intersection.

Currently there are stop signs on Pittman Road but no stop signs on Highway 301. Andrew Barksdale, Public Relations Officer for the NC DOT said the intersection will be converted to an all-way or four-way stop on Wednesday, March 30th, weather permitting.

“It will begin around 8:00am. and last until about noon. As usual in these situations, the intersection will remain open during the conversion but under flagging operations to make sure everybody stops and is aware of workers in the roadway or on the side installing the new signs, adding stop bars to the pavement, etc.”

“In addition to stop signs being added on both sides of either approach of US 301, we will add 2 sets of yellow stop ahead warnings signs on US 301. The first warning 800 feet ahead will have solar-powered flashers on them. The second warning stop ahead – 400 feet before the intersection – will have flags on them. Again, this is just for 301, which now doesn’t stop.”

The Town of Micro recently adopted a Resolution asked the NC DOT to convert the intersection into an all-way stop.

Micro firefighters had to extricate an occupant from this car involved in a December 2017 collision on Highway 301 at Pittman Road.

The majority of the 31 accidents since 2012 were due to drivers on Pittman Road pulling from the stop sign and not yielding to oncoming traffic on US 301.


  1. About time we have been saying that for years. It’s very dangerous for the parents leaving north Johnston middle who have to go through that intersection

  2. People bave been dying at that intersection for more than 25 years. Unfortunately for them, this is too little too late.

  3. I agree with you that it will definitely be a cluster but I do however think they have the right idea about putting something in place there but I feel it needs to be a stoplight vs a 4 way stop

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