Police: Couple Neglected Children, Had Sex In Front Of Them

UPDATE May 24 – The original warrants against David Jones Sr. were dismissed due to a technicality. The warrants were refiled on Mr. Jones and he was rearrested on the same charges May 23. He was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

SELMA – An investigation by Selma Police and the Johnston County Department of Social Services has resulted in criminal charges against a Selma couple.

In March 2023, Selma Police said they launched a criminal investigation into David Alexander Jones Sr., age 36, and Brittney Ann Price Jones, 34, of N. Raiford Street for allegations of neglect involving two minor children in the home.

Detective Sgt. J.R. Vause said the children, both under age 12, were taken for a forensic medical evaluation and probable cause was developed to charge their parents.

Sgt. Vause said the couple allegedly had sex, and used sex toys, in front of the children. The couple also had sex while one child was on the same bed. The second child was not in bed but witnessed the couple having sexual intercourse.

In another incident, police allege David Jones Sr. took one of the children with him when he went to purchase illegal narcotics.

In other cases, police said the children were left at home alone, while the couple was away for unspecified periods of time. The children were allegedly encouraged to try drinking a beer.

Sgt. Vause said Ms. Jones overdosed in the home in December 2022. It is unclear if the children were present at the time.

Police allege David and Brittney Jones failed to protect the children from violence, substance abuse, and inappropriate sexual content.

David Jones Sr. was arrested April 19 and charged with two counts of misdemeanor child abuse and two counts of exhibiting a performance harmful to minor. He was given a $10,000 bond.

Brittney Jones was arrested May 15 by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office on Selma Police warrants for the same charges. She was later released on a $12,500 bond.

Sgt. Vause said the two children have been placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

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  1. Just think about how many more criminals who neglect children could be stopped– bit instead, our NC Legislators want to force local law enforcement to assist the Feds in upholding immigration laws! They’ve fooled the sheeple into thinking there’s a problem where none exists, meanwhile the REAL criminals whon endanger childen arent a priority. And they’ve convinced you to pay foe it! #VoteOutIncumbents #LocalPDForLocalEnforcement

      • @Captain: Nope. I’m just a TRUE Conservative who wants SMALLER federal government and LOCAL control. The rest of thr GOP is filled with hypocrites who want to continue to grow the government by scaring the sheeple with false issues.

    • An illegal alien in Arizona is more than twice s likely to commit a crime than a legal resident FACT
      90% of heroin and fentanyl comes across the southern border FACT
      10,000 children are sex trafficked across the southern border FACT
      56,000 illegals are in our federal correction system FACT
      135 billion dollars per year is spent on illegal aliens each year FACT
      YEA, NOT A “4al” problem is it Tell the Truth
      I know how facts are irrelevant to libs more than feelings.

      • @Captain: I guess “FACT” means something different to you. DHS study from 2021 shows crime rate in border states (TX, AZ, NM, and CA):
        – 1422 per 100,000 native-born
        – 782 per 100,000 illegal immigrants
        That’s 45% LOWER. Who is causing most crimes?

        While there are 56,000 illegals in our federal correction system, the overwhelming majority (nearly 72%, or . 170,000 are NATIVE BORN Americans. Who is the real problem?

        As for the drugs, yes most arrive via Mexico, however DEA 2020 report states that “China remains the primary source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances trafficked through international mail and express consignment operations environment, as well as the main source for all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States.”

        But you sheeple blindly listen to your “leaders” while they whip you into a frenzy over “illegals” — meanwhile they ignore the single-biggest source of the problem.


  2. Yep…same thing happened to me as a kid, multiple times. Sucks being raised by a sexually immoral parent (or parents), even if that exploitation isn’t targeted at you, you’re still exposing children to immoral and deviant behaviors that they are going to be negatively impacted by. It’s sad and unfortunate that these children are now in state-controlled foster care.

  3. Our criminal system is broken! I know this girl and she would never intentionally do anything to harm her kids. As for the “od”, it was meds her Dr gave her and they reacted adversely with her. At some point in every parents life their kids will walk in on them. It is not a crime. People are quick to pass judgement! What happened to innocent until proven guilty. All charges have already been dropped on one defendant smh

  4. But yet people fight for graphic, sexually explicit books to be allowed in school classrooms and libraries and drag queens to read and perform for kids… someone please help it make sense!

    • To the ” Tell the truth” person: if you want to defend illegals, you need to move to another country where you will be comfortable. All the fool democraps are headed straight for hades, better wise up, read the bible and figure out how this senile puppet and his left squad bosses are destroying this country and spitting in the face of the Creator! Goes without saying that those evil scumbags who abuse innocent children will burn even hotter….

      • @Rip: Not defending illegals, simply pointing out the hypocrite! While your leaders work you up on a tizzy about a small percentage — the actual criminals (native-born Americans) are ignored. If you think scapegoating illegals while ignoring home-grown child molesters is the word if thr Creator, you’re reading a different Bible than I am! I’m willing to bet that you’re one of the 50,000 JoCo residents who voted re-elect an accused child molestor to the County Commissioners! #hypocrites

  5. I never saw my mom ever have any sexual favor or act done but there were a many of times where she thought we were asleep and we could hear what was going on. And if she knew that she probably would sorry or something. I know and I get that it’s an act between married couples, and it’s intended for married couples. That’s the way God wanted it. However, if we EVER had a question about the female or male body my mom was NOT shy to talk about it. She wanted us to know what was what and how things worked. She wanted us to be safe and she even said “I can’t be with you at all times and I’m just going to have to trust that you will make smart choices so this is how this works.” And honestly I am so thankful she did that. I knew what I was going into if a situation was to ever happen. I’m so glad my mom had the common sense to inform me instead of hide everything from me. BUT!!!! What this couple did was NOT OKAY!! I would 100% say this could be a form of not only neglect but abuse as well. So sad, so incredibly sad.

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